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Inglewood Bus Accident Lawyers

Whether you’re heading to the airport, visiting relatives, or have a craving for some delicious Randy’s Donuts, the bus is a great way to get around Inglewood, and the greater L.A. area in general. Both municipalities and private companies operate buses on our roadways, moving thousands of people around the city every day. Usually, these buses are operated professionally and properly maintained, to ensure that pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and bus riders remain safe. Unfortunately, sometimes bus drivers and bus companies make reckless decisions that can cause dangerous accidents. If you’ve been hurt in an accident that involves a bus, you should contact personal injury lawyers with Ellis Law right away. Inglewood bus accident lawyers are standing by, day and night, to hear your side of the story. 

How do you know who caused a bus accident? 

While it is true that some accidents happen for no reason, many of them are caused by someone’s negligent actions. Let’s take a simple bus accident: You’re in your car, stopped at a red light, when suddenly a bus rear-ends you. Why didn’t the driver stop before hitting you? Was the driver speeding? Were they distracted by a text message? Were they overworked and less alert? Perhaps the driver did everything correctly, but the brakes failed because the bus company skipped routine maintenance? A bus accident lawyer can review the driver’s records and training certification, as well as the maintenance logs on the bus involved in the crash. They can also use cell data, footage from nearby speed or security cameras, as well as eye-witness testimony to determine what caused the accident and who is to blame. 

Schedule a consultation today 

The law is designed to help accident victims, but you’ll need expert Inglewood bus accident lawyers on your side. Come in for a free and confidential consultation with Ellis Law today, and we’ll examine the events that led up to your injuries. We can also compute a fair settlement package, and help you figure out what your next legal steps could be. Under California state law, you have quite some time to file a lawsuit, but we prefer to work with people from as close to their accident as possible. If your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we will gladly make other arrangements to chat with you. 

No upfront legal fees, ever 

If we think you have a case, we can get to work with no money down. Every personal injury attorney with Ellis Law works for contingency fees, which means we don’t see a dime until we deliver results. If you don’t agree to a fair settlement or win damages from a jury, you won’t owe us any legal fees at all. With this arrangement, we can provide top-quality legal counsel to everyone, whether they can afford a lawyer out of pocket or not. In the decades that we’ve been practicing law, we’ve recovered over $350 million for our clients. Contact us and see what an Inglewood bus accident attorney can do for you.