I Have a Headache After a car accident, Can I Seek Compensation?

May 2, 2022

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Headaches are an expected symptom after any vehicular accident. The mental and physical stress of an accident and coping with its aftermath is enough to trigger headaches. It could result from trauma to the head or other forms of distress. They could last for hours, days, and weeks after the accident. The intensity of the collision is often not related to the intensity of the headaches. When it is severe and persistent, it could indicate some form of brain damage. In such cases, you should consult your doctor immediately.

You may be entitled to financial compensation if you have headaches resulting from a car accident in California.

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What To Do If You Have a Headache After an Accident

If you have Headaches after an automobile accident, you should take the following ensure that you are taking care of your health and to build a possible personal injury case.

Seek Medical Attention

This is vital and urgent. Do not attempt to act bravely and ignore the headaches or treat yourself with over-the-counter medicine or homemade remedies. Your health matters, and you should schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. A quick visit to your doctor can rule out the possibility of a more serious health concern. If your headache is severe and you are concerned that there might be more serious underlying issues, you should go to the emergency room right away.

The earlier you seek treatment, the faster you can be relieved of the headaches. This is also critical to increasing your chances of a fair settlement. It provides the much-needed proof that your headaches were severe enough to warrant medical treatment.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

During your appointment, a doctor will conduct a medical assessment to determine the severity and develop a treatment plan. This could include a physical exam, a CT scan, X-rays, an MRI, or any other type of diagnostic test to determine the cause of your headaches. It is important you follow through and stick with whatever advice or treatment regimen you are given by the doctor.

Keep a Record of Everything

Get a journal to keep track of everything. From phone conversations to medical bills, take notes on everything. Keep all email communications between you and your doctor and your insurance provider.

You should keep a detailed record of all medical costs required to treat the headaches, including hospital bills, medications, and transport bills to and from the hospital. Also, keep track of days you were unable to work due to the headaches.

Speak With a Lawyer

Having ensured your medical wellbeing, the next step is to consult with a lawyer. If the negligence of another party caused the car accident, an attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to compensation. If so, you can file an insurance claim or a personal injury claim.

Possible Types of Compensation

When your attorney initiates a claim for your headaches resulting from a car accident, you may receive compensation for any of the following:

Medical Bills: you might be able to recoup all the money you spent in your journey to get healthy. This includes doctor’s visits, hospital visits, surgeries, testing, physical therapy, and any other medical expenses that resulted because of the accident.

Wages: you can also get compensated for the days you were unable to work because of the headaches. This could include days you had doctor’s appointments or had to rest because of the medications used. The compensation for lost wages should reimburse you fully. If you are unable to work in the future – either ever again or you will have to work reduced hours or at a reduced rate – you may be able to recover compensation for that as well.

Other Damages: In California, you may also be eligible for monetary compensation for other damages you might have incurred, such as pain and suffering

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