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Huntington Park Bus Accident Lawyers

It’s a sunny, warm day in Huntington Park, and you’re cruising down Randolph Street on your way to work. You come to a stop at a red light, and suddenly, a bus rear-ends you, sending you careening into the intersection where you collide with crossing traffic. You’re seriously hurt, your car is totaled, and you’re worried about your future. If you’ve been involved in a collision with a county, city, or privately owned bus, you need to contact Huntington Park bus accident lawyers with Ellis Law today. The law can be very complicated when a bus is involved in an accident, and you’ll need experienced personal injury lawyers working on your side. If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry. Se habla español. 

Fight for fair compensation 

An accident like the one described above can drastically change your life. You may suffer permanent injuries that affect your quality of life, you may face a future where it’s difficult to get a good job, and you could end up deeply in debt. A bus accident lawyer can help you fight for damages to help get your life back on track. Common bus accident compensation includes funds for: 

  • Emergency medical care 
  • Ongoing medical care, including in-home care, physical therapy, and prescriptions 
  • Lost wages at work 
  • Decreased future earnings potential 
  • Car repair or replacement 
  • Loss consortium 
  • Court costs and fees 
  • Pain and suffering 

After an accident, your world can seem like a whirlwind of confusion. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. Huntington Park bus accident lawyers will help you fight for the justice you deserve. 

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After a crash, whether you were cycling, crossing the street on foot, driving a car, or riding in the bus itself, you should contact a personal injury attorney with Ellis Law as soon as you are able. We can examine the details of your accident and compute a fair compensation amount. Not everyone has a strong case, but the only way to find out for sure is to meet with a legal professional. We prefer to work with our clients from as close to day zero as possible, so please do not delay. Our elite legal team will help you decide what your next move should be. 

Our no-fee guarantee 

If we decide you have a case, and you’d like to hire us, we can get to work with no upfront legal fees. At Ellis Law, we have a no-fee guarantee, which means we don’t get paid unless you agree to a fair settlement or are awarded damages by a jury. We understand that not everyone can afford a premium legal team out of pocket. This arrangement allows us to provide you with world-class legal services, even if you can’t immediately afford it. In case we fail to deliver results, you won’t owe us any legal fees at all. Contact Ellis Law and speak with a Huntington Park bus accident attorney today.