How Long Does a TBI Take to Heal?

How Long Does a TBI Take to Heal?

How long a traumatic brain injury (TBI) takes to heal depends on the level of the injury and the individual case. Those with a severe TBI may never fully recover. Most people with a minor or moderate TBI will heal eventually. However, the injury may leave some residual impairment.  

This impairment is often subtle. It may take the person longer to perform simple tasks. Their memory is not what it was before the accident. Behavioral changes can result in mood swings, depression or anxiety, aggression, or other emotional responses.  

While healing, the accident victim cannot work or participate in normal activities. No matter the severity, a TBI is a life-changing event. A Los Angeles traumatic brain injury lawyer at Ellis Injury Law holds the parties responsible for your TBI accountable. We fight so you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  

TBI levels 

While every case is unique, in general, there is a correlation between the length of time the victim was unconscious and the level of their TBI. If the person did not lose consciousness or lost consciousness for 30 minutes or less, it is likely their TBI was mild. If unconscious for 30 minutes to an hour, a moderate TBI most often occurs. Anyone knocked out for more than an hour has probably sustained a severe TBI.  

Mild TBI 

A mild TBI, or concussion, generally heals with a few weeks of the accident. There are situations in which healing takes considerably longer. People aged 40 and up usually do not heal as quickly as younger individuals. The elderly may take a few months or more to heal.  

Moderate TBI 

The most significant healing in a moderate TBI takes place within the first six months. Recovery may continue at a slower pace for years afterward. Two years post-injury, roughly one-third of moderate TBI victims will still need some form of assistance with caring for themselves.  

The quality of rehabilitative care also plays a role in how long it takes a patient to recover from a moderate TBI. While most moderate TBI victims eventually go back to work, many can no longer hold the same type of employment they did before the accident. Vocational rehabilitation training is often necessary.  

Severe TBI 

The CDC compares a severe TBI to having a chronic disease. It affects every aspect of a person’s life. Even those who recover to some degree rarely enjoy complete healing.  

Some people do recover relatively well. Again, age is a factor, with younger people having a better track record when it comes to regaining independence. Even in a best-case scenario, it can take several years to heal completely.  

traumatic brain injury attorney knows the potential financial needs of every client based on the injury level and prognosis.  

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