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High Schooler with Cerebral Palsy Makes Impressive Strides

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January 11, 2015

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Anyone who has ever known or loved someone dealing with the challenges of cerebral palsy would surely have rejoiced at seeing what 17-year-old Octavio Nieto of Orange County recently accomplished. In early December, the senior at Tesoro High School walked for first time in his entire life, prompting cheers of encouragement and support from his teachers, classmates and friends.

Nieto’s feat is particularly astounding considering the fact that due to his cerebral palsy, doctors had always told him that it was virtually certain that he would never walk at all, let alone take 50 steps without the aid of a support walker. An inspirational example to everyone witnessing the event, Nieto is not yet finished reaching goals he had been told his entire life were unattainable. He has informed staffers at Tesoro High School that he intends to everything within his power to cross the stage without assistance at the school’s graduation ceremony in May.

Lifelong challenges of cerebral palsy patients

While Octavio Nieto’s walk across the school gymnasium is undoubtedly something to celebrate, it also serves to underscore the tremendous challenges facing individuals suffering from cerebral palsy beginning at an early age. This condition is the result of a disruption or abnormality in the brain’s development and can be caused by maternal infections occurring before birth, fetal stroke and a lack of oxygen to the brain during a particularly difficult labor and delivery.

Sadly, far too many cases of cerebral palsy have been caused by negligence on the part of medical staff attending the affected child’s birth, encompassing errors such as a failure to properly monitor heart rates, failure to recognize need for induction or other intervention and a failure to detect pelvic fit issues prior to delivery.

Children with cerebral palsy typically have a long road ahead of them marked by daunting developmental, physical and emotional challenges. Costly medical treatment, physical therapy and other types of accommodations are certain to be required, and the expenses can quickly become unmanageable for families who simply want their son or daughter to have the best possible care. Fortunately for parents who suspect that medical negligence was to blame for their child’s cerebral palsy, the law does provide avenues for recourse and compensation.

How a Los Angeles birth injury lawyer can help

The financial toll of caring for a child with cerebral palsy can be truly crippling for any family. In order for victims of negligence

to secure financial recovery they deserve, it is vital that action be pursued promptly and aggressively. At Ellis Law, our attorneys possess vast experience representing individuals harmed by the negligent acts or omissions of medical professionals, and we stand prepared to guide you through every step of a lawsuit.

Whether we are able to negotiate a fair settlement early on or need to pursue your case through to trial, we pledge to leave no stone unturned when it comes to holding responsible parties accountable for the harm done to your child.

For a no-cost initial consultation with a Los Angeles birth injury lawyer, contact Ellis Law at 310-641-3335. Our team is eager to provide a thorough evaluation of the facts of your case and help you explore all available legal options for getting the justice to which your family is entitled.