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Hawthorne Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents happen every day, but it’s not every day the average person has to deal with the repercussions. Coping with the sudden heightened emotions, expenses, loss of property, loss of income from time off work, rehabilitation difficulties and negotiations with insurance companies can be overwhelming. Families affected by severe truck accident injuries do not have to go through this challenging time alone. They can call Ellis Injury Law for comprehensive and immediate assistance, including medical referrals and crash site investigation.  

Los Angeles County personal injury lawyers 

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers serve all of Los Angeles County, including Hawthorne and the neighboring communities of Lennox, Inglewood, Athens, Gardena, El Camino Village, Lawndale, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Westchester, and Del Aire. With the Glenn Anderson Freeway (I-105) and the San Diego Freeway (I-405) running along and through Hawthorne, there are bound to be truck accidents. When injuries are severe and victims had little to nothing to do with the cause of the wreck, they may be entitled to file a lawsuit seeking damages. 

Who pays for a truck accident? 

Many people mistakenly assume it’s their own auto insurance that pays for their injuries, as California is a no-fault car insurance state. However, most insurers cannot afford to cover more than the $15,000 minimum personal injury protection. A lawsuit helps bridge that gap by requiring the at-fault party to pay from their commercial motor carrier insurance policy. It could be the truck driver, the truck driver’s estate (if the driver was killed in the crash), the trucking firm, a shipper, truck maintenance personnel, or another third party who is ultimately found liable. A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer will ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation allowable by law. 

We collect evidence 

There are many avenues for proving fault. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Ellis Injury Law may explore: 

  • Police records 
  • Accident reports 
  • Witness statements 
  • Cell phone records 
  • Truck and car wreckage 
  • Truck company regulatory compliance history 
  • Driver logs, cross referenced with federal driving allowances 
  • Accident scene photos, skidmarks, and weather reports 
  • Truck inspection results and maintenance records 
  • Trucker’s qualifications, training, driving record, and medical history 
  • Data from Electronic Onboard Recording Devices 

We believe in leaving no stone unturned. Working with an attorney from Day One ensures all evidence is protected and examined to give you the best chance of winning your case and avoiding any legal liability yourself. Should the other party try to pin the blame on you, your settlement could be reduced or even negated.  

Truck accident expertise 

Don’t just hire any attorney from the phonebook; hire a personal injury lawyer with truck accident expertise and a winning track record. While we make no guarantees as to specific outcomes, we can point to a past history of success including: $750,000 for a spinal cord injury that required surgery after a company truck hit our client in a construction zone, and $1.4 million for neck and lower back injuries totaling $184,000 after a truck plowed into our client waiting at a stop sign.  

When to call a lawyer 

California law generally allows plaintiffs up to two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim. In some cases, individuals may have extra time to file; exceptions may be granted when the source or extent of the injuries is unknown. However, in other cases (such as suing a government entity), plaintiffs may have as little as six months to start the claims process. It is best to speak with Ellis Injury Law as soon as possible to have the strongest case. Reach out for a free consultation today.