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Hawthorne Car Accident Lawyers

The city of Hawthorne is located just five miles from the LAX Airport. As such, you can expect frequent bumper to bumper traffic. The immense volume of automobiles on the road also means collisions are inevitable. Two or more cars colliding can result in serious and life-threatening injuries. If you sustained injures on the road because another driver was negligent, then you may want to pursue a litigation claim by contacting Hawthorne car accident lawyers

Be Aware of Settlement Mills 

Please exercise your best judgement when selecting an attorney. There are dozens of ads for law firms in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, many of these so-called firms are nothing more than settlement mills. 

What exactly is a settlement mill? This term is unfamiliar to most people outside the law industry. These are essentially firms that take on a high volume of cases and try to get all parties involved to agree to a settlement and avoid going to court. While a settlement is certainly the best option in some scenarios, it may also mean receiving far below what you could have received by going to court. 

Because of the high volume of cases they have on their hands, a settlement mill may pressure clients into accepting a lower settlement offer. Some agencies will even charge a higher contingency fee for clients who choose to go to court. Settlement mills often claim to be Hawthorne car accident lawyers and are especially prevalent in the Los Angeles area due to the high number of traffic accidents.  

Hire the Right Hawthorne Car Accident Lawyer 

When choosing a Hawthorne car accident lawyer, take your time to speak and meet with each one in person. Your gut and intuition will tell you whether the lawyer has your best interest. Most importantly, a legitimate attorney will not pressure you to make any decisions. While he/she may make recommendations, all final decisions are ultimately up to you. 

Other traits to look for in a reputable attorney include: 

  • Compassion – does the lawyer hear your story with compassion or nods like it’s just another dime-a-dozen case? 
  • Rapport – do you feel a strong rapport with the attorney? Do you think you can comfortably work with this person over the span of a year or two (the length of an average litigation case)? 
  • Communication – the lawyer does not have to be available at your beck and call 24/7. However, he/she should return calls and messages within a reasonable timeframe. If the lawyer leaves you hanging, then look elsewhere.  

It’s all about building a connection. It also helps to ask for references and get the opinions of other people who previously hired the lawyer. 

Contact Us Today 

At Ellis Law Corporation, we treat every individual case with the due diligence it deserves. Sure, we may recommend a settlement if we believe that’s the best course. However, every recommendation comes after careful evaluation. Schedule a free consultation with a Hawthorne car accident attorney; you can decide for yourself whether we are worthy of tackling your car accident case.