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Hawaiian Gardens Truck Accident Lawyers

When cars and heavy trucks collide, the results are devastating for passenger vehicle occupants. Spinal cord injuries, broken or crushed limbs, head trauma, paralysis, organ perforations, neck pain, scarring lacerations, burns, and wrongful death are some of the more severe consequences of truck accidents. When people are hurt, maimed or killed through little to no fault of their own, legal liability may be ascribed to the truck driver and trucking firm, resulting in compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. Ellis Injury Law is a widely-respected name Hawaiian Gardens residents can trust to represent their truck accident claims.   

Proudly serving Los Angeles County 

For more than two decades, Ellis Injury Los Angeles personal injury lawyers  have served Los Angeles County cities like Hawaiian Gardens, Long Beach, and Lakewood with tenacity and legal acumen. This region has come a long way from WWII era dirt roads and rudimentary housing. Today, Hawaiian Gardens is a transportation hub with trucks traveling to and from the Casino, Tri-City Regional Medical Center, and construction contractors. 

What does a truck accident attorney do? 

In the event of a truck accident, we leave no stone unturned with in-depth investigations that may include witness interviews, document subpoena, and expert consult. We assist clients in seeking the best possible medical care for their injuries and connecting with support groups to cope with emotional trauma. A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer files all legal paperwork, pays any upfront fees associated with the claim, and represents your best interests in court. We won’t settle for less than what your case is worth! 

Who pays for truck accident injuries? 

When a truck accident happens in Hawaiian Gardens, you can’t count on your own no-fault car insurance to foot the bill for a serious injury. Most policies only cover up to $15,000 for personal injuries and $5,000 for property damage. California allows you to step outside the no-fault system to sue the truck driver and/or trucking firm when your injuries are severe. Sometimes our investigation turns up unexpected matters of liability. Truck manufacturers, maintenance personnel, shipping partners, or even local governments can be deemed partly or fully responsible for damages.  

What damages are covered ba personal injury lawsuit? 

You can sue a liable party for damages, such as past/present/future medical expenses, lost wages and reduced earning capacity, disability-related home modifications, and pain and suffering. In the event of a tragedy, surviving family members may be eligible to receive assistance paying medical bills that would otherwise be taken out of the estate, as well as burial costs, funeral expenses, and compensate for loss of financial support, guidance, and companionship. 

Free consultations & contingency-based representation 

You may be surprised to learn it costs nothing upfront to hire the best Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Initial consultations and case reviews are always free, with no obligation to file a lawsuit. If you sign, it is on a contingency basis. If we win, you pay a pre-arranged fee out of your total settlement allotment. In the event that you do not win, then you owe us nothing for our time and effort. Contact Ellis Injury Law as soon as possible to speak with a personal injury lawyer and pursue a claim for compensation.