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Hawaiian Gardens Personal Injury Lawyers

At Ellis Law, our Hawaiian Gardens personal injury lawyers fight tooth and nail for clients. We understand how a motorcycle crash, slip and fall or other serious accident can impact a victim’s life as well as that of their loved ones. Our primary mission is to help clients obtain the best outcome possible when they have been injured through no fault of their own. Even if your actions partially contributed to the accident, you may still be entitled legal damages under California laws. Our skilled legal team employs a strategic approach to seek maximum compensation in a wide range of personal injury claims, involving catastrophic personal injury, workplace accidents, pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents as well as premises liability actions.

How dedicated legal counsel can advance your injury claim

An accomplished personal injury lawyer is crucial to pursuing a claim against the individual or entity that caused your injury. Our attorneys have built a strong reputation as fearless advocates in the courtroom and have procured millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Put our resources, expertise and dedication to work for you by reaching out for a complimentary case evaluation. We are well-versed in the tactics insurance companies use to minimize or flat out deny payouts and take proactive measures to create a persuasive claim that demands full damages for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Ellis Hawaiian Gardens personal injury lawyers enlist industry experts to advance your case, and our plentiful courtroom victories send a strong message to insurance companies that we are not afraid to go to trial. In accidents resulting in incapacitating injury, we often call in medical and economic experts who provide valuable testimony that underscores the true extent of your losses.  We operate under the belief that every injured client deserves competent, aggressive representation and our undivided attention. Our personal injury attorneys listen to the circumstances of your accident and pay attention to the details. We review police reports, pour over medical records and interview witnesses to help clients procure the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Determining the value of your personal injury case

“How much is my personal injury case worth?” is one of the first questions asked by our clients. There are numerous factors that will affect the value of an injury claim, including the type and severity of injury, the amount of medical bills, and whether lifelong rehabilitation and care will be required. In short, there is no calculator or one-size-fits-all approach to determining a final dollar figure since every case is unique. In more general terms, accident claims arising from minor injuries will secure less compensation compared to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other type of catastrophic injury. The recovery in these cases can easily climb into the millions of dollars as they include reparations for permanent disability, loss of earning capacity and ongoing medical care.

Take the first step toward putting your life back together by reaching out to Ellis Law for a free consultation with a talented personal injury attorney who knows the hardships you’re facing. We offer superior legal representation without upfront legal fees and only get paid if your claim prevails.