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Hawaiian Gardens Car Accident Lawyers

Even if you’re a responsible and alert driver, it may still not prevent a collision with a negligent driver. Just like that, your car is totaled or near-totaled. Even worse, you have injuries that require extensive medical care. In turn, this means time away from work. The net result is substantial financial loss and loss of quality of life. If the collision occurred because another driver was reckless, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Hawaiian Gardens car accident lawyers may be of invaluable assistance here.  

Car accidents are more common than yothink 

According to a report from the Los Angeles Daily News, there were 260 road fatalities in Los Angeles County in 2016. There were also 55,350 total traffic accidents that same year. This is an unfortunate reality that comes with living in a big city.  

Some of these accidents are the result of drivers driving drunk, aggressively, or not obeying traffic laws. It is under such negligence and disregard that impacted drivers may be entitled to financial restitution.  

Take the right steps 

Being in a collision can be a scary experience especially because it happens so out of the blue. While you may be traumatized or shaken up, it’s important to stay composed. What you do in the following minutes can be detrimental for your case should you decide to file a claim. Follow these steps: 

  • Stay at the scene of the accident even if damages appear minor 
  • Check that all parties involved are okay and phone an ambulance if you believe anyone requires medical assistance. 
  • Document the accident by taking photos or a video of the scene, including all damages. 
  • Call local law enforcement or city highway patrol. A responding officer will arrive and document the accident. Be sure to request a copy of the report. The insurance company and/or attorney will want to see a copy. 
  • Exchange contact information with all other motorists involved as well as witnesses 
  • Do not accept blame or place blame on others at the scene. This may hurt your case. 

What to do next 

The insurance company will be conducting an investigation based on police reports, your own account, the accounts of other drivers, etc. They want to be certain of what occurred before approving of a payout. The insurance adjuster may dispute your version of events and deny your claim. They may also pressure you to sign off on a monetary offer far below what you need to recoup the cost of medical bills and lost wages. This is where a Hawaiian Gardens car accident lawyer enters the equation.  

Contact a lawyer 

If the insurance company is slow to respond or is disputing your claim, then the next step is to call a car accident attorney. With an auto accident comes debilitating injuries, lost income, emotional grief, and other out-of-pocket costs. Ellis Law Corporation will study your case and determine whether there is recourse for a litigation claim. Consultation is free, and we don’t collect a fee unless you win your case or there is a settlement. Reach out to us today.