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Hacienda Heights Bus Accident Lawyers

Whether you were on the bus when it crashed, a pedestrian, or in a nearby passenger vehicle, a bus accident can be a scary and disorienting experience. It’s best to seek immediate medical attention. Before you do anything else, call personal injury lawyers in Hacienda Heights to help you through this challenging time.  

What can a bus accident lawyer do for me? 

bus accident lawyer

  • Refers you to qualified medical professionals in the area, specifically for your type of injuries. 
  • Investigates the crash scene, combs through the police report, and uncovers causes of liability. 
  • Subpoenas documents, interviews the other party and compiles documents for your claim. 
  • Secures medical witnesses to make the case for maximum compensation for your injuries.  
  • Helps you follow proper protocol and stick to tight deadlines when filing a government claim. 
  • Negotiates with insurance companies, demanding that you get a fair settlement. 
  • Puts the ice on aggressive medical bill collectors, deferring payments until your case resolves. 
  • Makes sure you are able to get to all follow-up medical appointments. 
  • Argues before judge and jury on your behalf, if necessary. 

What causes L.A. bus accidents? 

Sometimes answers are just as valuable as the financial compensation you receive from a Hacienda Heights bus accident attorney. It’s these missing pieces of the puzzle that helps many accident victims overcome post-traumatic stress disorder and find the means to move on from their experiences. Ellis Injury Law excels in top-notch investigations that use crash reconstructionists, private detectives, law enforcement, and medical professionals. 

We’ve found common causes of bus accidents include: 

  • Bus drivers operating while intoxicated, despite strict Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules. 
  • Distracted driving while using a phone, looking up routes on GPS, fiddling with the radio, or eating.  
  • Speeding above the posted limit to make up for lost time or adhere to a tight schedule. 
  • Driver error, such as failing to stop at a sign or light, improper passing, or failing to signal. 
  • Defective brakes, mechanical issues, and failure to perform adequate safety testing or maintenance. 
  • Uneven weight distribution due to an overcrowded, overloaded bus. 
  • Poor road conditions due to damaged asphalt or construction zones without proper signage. 

Expert Legal Service in Hacienda Heights 

Our expert personal injury lawyers in El Segundo are less than an hour away, and accessible to more than 54,000 residents in Hacienda Heights. When you are too injured to come see us, a compassionate and dedicated personal injury attorney will come see you. We know how hard it is for you, and we want to help.   

Ellis Injury Law has a successful history of litigation against bus companies. We secured $1 million for a taxi driver hit by a bus at high speed, causing significant back injury. In another case, we won $320,000 for a pedestrian plaintiff who was left with $89,489 in medical expenses for neck, back, and elbow injuries after being struck by a bus.  

While the past is not a guarantee of future results, you can feel confident in our ability to work tirelessly on your case if an Ellis Injury Law Hacienda Heights bus accident lawyer agrees to take it on. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that we don’t get paid for our services if your case doesn’t result in a settlement or jury award. We ask for no money from Hacienda Heights residents upfront, and your first consultation is always 100% free of charge.