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Granada Hills Wrongful Death Lawyers

The loss of a beloved family member following another party’s wrongful act is emotionally devastating. That devastation should not also impose financial burdens on any survivors. The Granada Hills personal injury lawyers at Ellis Injury law help residents of Los Angeles County, and its surrounding environments, to recover the compensation they deserve to ease their financial burden when a loved one suffers fatal injuries due to someone else’s negligence or willful misconduct.  

California’s wrongful death statute allows family members to sue for their loss 

Section 377.60 of California Code of Civil Procedure defines which family members are entitled to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit: 

  • spouses or domestic partners; 
  • children, or grandchildren if the deceased party’s children are no longer living; 
  • stepchildren and other minor persons who relied on the deceased family member for more than half of their living expenses; 
  • other persons that may be entitled to receive a portion of the deceased party’s assets under California’s estate succession laws.  

When can a survivor sue for wrongful death? 

Wrongful death lawsuits can be based on many different fact patterns, including, for example: 

  • fatalities in drunk driving accidents; 
  • slip-and-fall injuries; 
  • assault, including excessive force by law enforcement authorities; 
  • medical negligence and malpractice; 
  • nursing home neglect or abuse; 
  • product defects or dangerous substances.  

The Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers at Ellis Injury Law can answer your questions about California wrongful death and survival action lawsuits. You can call us any time of day or night, including on weekends and holidays, to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced wrongful death lawyer about your case.  

Our success speaks for itself 

Our personal injury lawyers have represented accident victims and their families in Granada Hills and throughout Southern California for more than 20 years. In that time, we have recovered more than $350 million in damages from negligent parties and their insurance companies, including wrongful death cases. We will use the skills and experience we have gained in that time to fight for the largest damages award that may be available to you and your family after one of your loved ones has suffered a fatal injury.  

We offer complimentary consultations 

Your first consultation with a Granada Hills personal injury attorney is always free. If you ask us to represent you and we agree to take your case, you will never be directly billed for our services. Our fees will be paid from the damages that we collect for you, either through a pretrial settlement or a trial of your lawsuit before a jury.  

Ellis Injury Law: Dedicated and compassionate wrongful death lawyers 

The wrongful death attorneys at Ellis Injury Law represent clients in Granada Hills and all of the San Fernando Valley. Please see our website or call us any time of day or night for answers to your questions about recovering compensation for funeral and burial expenses, a deceased party’s lost income, the value of that party’s love and support, and any other damages that may be available in either a wrongful death or survival lawsuit. California typically gives you two years after your loved one’s death to file your wrongful death lawsuit. Call us today to make sure that you file your lawsuit within the appropriate statute of limitations.