May 26, 2020

Ellis Law Corporation


Friday, May 15th, 2020, marked a bittersweet moment for Ellis Law, as it was the last day that much-loved staff member Billy Paredes worked as a pre-litigation case manager at the firm.  Billy was an Ellis Law employee for over 2 years and during that time he provided great service to our clients.  As per the Ellis Law mission statement, everyone at the firm “is to give each and every client the personal attention he or she deserves….by working with integrity, compassion and honesty.”  There is no question that Billy exemplified these principles.

Not only will we miss him but his clients will, too. However, Ellis Law is a firm believer in helping our employees grow and is encouraging Billy to spread his wings, as he has decided to become a lawyer.  He will be attending Southwestern Law School in June 2020, so the excitement for Billy has overcome the bitterness of his departure. 

Andrew Ellis proud to have given Billy Paredes his start

Andrew Ellis, the managing partner at Ellis Law, held a brief staff meeting in the office to congratulate Billy for the great work he has done for the firm and for his accomplishment in going to law school. 

“We are thrilled that Billy was accepted to Southwestern Law School and will be spending the next few years learning his trade…we are thrilled that we gave him a start here and we appreciate all the work he’s done and wish him the greatest success in the future,” Mr. Ellis stated. 

After Mr. Ellis’ announcement, the office was filled with applause as though it were the end of a wonderful film.  Every staff member in the office turned towards Billy and nodded in excitement for him, since a smile hidden behind a facemask wouldn’t suffice.  Without a doubt, that moment showed Billy that he has a huge fan club here at Ellis Law!

Ellis Law wishes Billy great success in his law career

Other staff members did not hesitate to give exuberant and heartfelt farewells.  Nayelli Espinoza, the pre-litigation department manager and Billy’s former supervisor, wished Billy “the best of luck” and emphasized that he “was a great asset to the pre-litigation department.”  Boris Briskin, one of Ellis Law’s top associate attorneys, said it was “great working with [Billy]” and that he “hopes to see [him at Ellis Law] in the future.” 

Billy was gracious enough to give a farewell statement as well: “I would like to thank Ellis Law for all that they have done for me and my family…I will draw from my experiences here at Ellis Law for the rest of my career.”  Billy revealed that he is “excited to attend law school” as “has wanted to practice law for a great portion of his life.” 

Once again, Ellis Law wishes Billy the best of luck and great success as a future lawyer!