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Glendora Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

In a collision, a human body is no match for an automobile. The streets of Glendora are usually safe for pedestrians, but every now and then a motorist will fail to follow the rules of the road, and a serious accident will happen. If you’ve been hit by a car while crossing the street, walking on the sidewalk, or walking to your car in a parking lot, you may be able to seek compensation. Of course, to have a chance at receiving maximum compensation, you’ll need experienced Glendora pedestrian accident lawyers at your side. Don’t suffer from your injuries and drown under a mountain of debt. Contact personal injury lawyers with Ellis Law today. 

Put your life back together 

From broken bones to deep cuts and bruises, or damage to vital organs, you can suffer serious injuries when you’re hit by a car. This can lead to expensive medical bills, missed time at work, decreased future income potential, and a diminished quality of life. The good news is, the law may be on your side. If you were hit by a driver who was distracted, impaired, or driving recklessly, a pedestrian accident lawyer can help. Fight for compensation that will help you take back control of your situation. The money you secure through a settlement or win from a jury verdict can help you: 

  • Pay emergency medical bills 
  • Pay for ongoing medical care, including PT and prescriptions 
  • Cover the cost of living while you recuperate 
  • Make up for missed paychecks 
  • Compensate for decreased future earning potential 

In addition to all this, you may be able to seek funds to make up for your physical pain and suffering. A traumatic accident can be a scary event, but it doesn’t have to ruin your bright financial future. 

Schedule a consultation as soon as possible 

Glendora pedestrian accident lawyers are standing by, day and night, to hear your side of the story. Ellis Law offers free consultations to anyone who has been hit by a car in the L.A. Metro area. We can meet in person, talk on the phone, or communicate via the internet. A personal injury attorney from our firm will go over the details of your accident and help you decide what your next move should be. Sometimes mistakes happen, and no one is to blame. Not every accident leads to a lawsuit. That being said, when your health and happiness are on the line, you owe it to yourself to explore all of your options. 

Our no-fee pledge 

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers with Ellis Law work on contingency fees. This means you don’t owe us a penny in legal fees unless we deliver results. Consult with our team, and if we think you have a case, we can get to work right away at no cost to you. This arrangement allows us to provide elite legal representation to any accident victim, whether they can afford to hire an expensive lawyer out of pocket or not. Get in touch today, and find out what a Glendora pedestrian accident attorney can do for you.