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Ford Vehicle Recalls Present Serious Safety Concerns

July 16, 2014

Ellis Law Corporation


In light of recent vehicle recalls topping epidemic proportions, Ford may be finally living up to its anecdotal acronym of Fix Or Repair Daily. Joking aside, automakers including the Ford Motor Company have issued more recalls in the first six months of 2014 than any other year in history.

With six months left to go, 2014 could go down in the books as one of the worst for automakers – just when things were starting to look bright again. If you are one of the millions of people affected by the recent vehicle recalls by Ford, GM and several overseas manufacturers, we encourage you to speak with Ford safety defect recall lawyers at Ellis Law Firm right away – you may be entitled to compensation for your trouble.

Compensation for injuries caused by Ford safety recalls

Most recently, Ford Motors recalled over 100,000 vehicles citing concerns with the safety of the right-hand halfshaft – a component of the axle. According to Ford, the halfshaft is not properly seated within the axle and may actually come loose over time. This defect would render the vehicle immediately inoperable, and may cause the vehicle to begin rolling unexpectedly if parked without the parking brake engaged.

While there have been no immediate reported injuries or accidents as a result of the halfshaft malfunction, this type of defect has the potential to cause serious injuries or even death – especially if a vehicle were to roll into another person. If your vehicle is subject to recall or you experience an accident or injury as a result of your vehicle’s defect, an attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses and property damage.

Under principles of product liability, a manufacturer of consumer goods is required to ensure its products are safe and effective. Failure to do so could result in substantial liability and a possible Ford recall settlement.

Resale value impacted by vehicle recalls

Personal injuries are not the only type of damages possible in the wake of a recall – property damage and decreased resale value are also compensable consequences of a defectively designed or improperly assembled vehicle. If your vehicle is recalled due to a faulty part, its value could decrease dramatically – and this is not fair to you as the owner.

By working with an experienced product liability lawyer, you may be able to recover the difference between your vehicle’s pre-recall fair market value and its resale value today – which could prove substantial. Your lawyer may also be able to recover the value of your vehicle if it was irreparably damaged as a result of a defective part.

Contact a Ford safety defect recall lawyer as soon as possible

There are 37.5 million vehicles under recall notice in the U.S. this year – and this figure is only set to increase. If you are one of the millions of Americans injured physically or financially by this historic display of incompetence, we encourage you to contact a product liability attorney at the Ellis Injury Law Firm.

We offer aggressive and thorough representation of your case and will work diligently to ensure your claim is covered by any Ford recall settlement issued in the future. Call us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.