Five Ways Joggers Can Stay Safe on the Road

Five Ways Joggers Can Stay Safe on the Road

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October 1, 2018

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Pedestrian Accidents

Runners are a tenacious group of athletes. Inclement weather, darkness, and routine road hazards will never keep determined joggers from completing their daily runs.

The pedestrian accident lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation in Los Angeles respect the efforts that runners make to exercise outside in any conditions. When runners are sidelined in pedestrian accidents with careless motorists, we fight to get runners the compensation they need to rehabilitate from injuries and to get back on the road as quickly as is possible.

The great majority of runners know that they can increase their own personal safety by wearing bright clothing that is more visible to drivers and by running against traffic. Runners can further increase their own safety by following these five guidelines.

Tell Someone Your Planned Route if You Are Running Alone

If you give someone else information about where you plan to run and you do not return from your run within a reasonable amount of time, that person will have a much better opportunity to find you if you have experienced a problem. Running may be a solitary endeavor, but you do not forfeit any of the solitude of a run if you disclose your planned route to somebody else. You can also track your run in real time with apps on your smart phone, and allow your friends to see your route as it progresses.

Carry Identification and a Bit of Cash

If you get lost or you experience a mishap, your ID will help first responders to reconnect you with your friends and loved ones. Cash or a payment card will help you to get back home if you suffer an injury that prevents you from running.

Be Extra Careful on Hills

Hills are the bane of many runners for reasons other than safety, but runners should never ignore the safety hazards that a hill might also present. Drivers are unable to see anything on the other side of a hill as they approach its crest. If you are approaching the crest of a hill, take extra precautions to avoid drivers who are coming up the other side of that hill.

Turn Off the Music

Music and podcasts might motivate runners through their daily workouts, but the earbuds that runners wear will also block out traffic sounds that might alert runners to potential safety hazards. Use your earbuds when you are running on trails or in other areas that are not accessible to cars, but leave them at home if you have to run in areas that have a high traffic density.

Run With a Group

The popularity of running has spawned running clubs throughout southern California and the United States. Almost every runner can find a group that matches his or her running abilities and that have organized fun runs and group events at all times of the year. Runners may prefer to run alone, but there will always be strength in numbers where safety is a consideration.

Call the Ellis Law Corporation to Get Back on the Road After a Jogger Accident

California’s respective car and running cultures are often at odds with each other. A runner is no match for the bulk and momentum of an automobile in a pedestrian accident. If you have been struck by a car while you were running in Los Angeles or elsewhere in southern California, call the L.A. pedestrian accident lawyers at the Ellis Law Corporation for an analysis of any claims you may have against the driver that caused the accident. We will review all of the facts of your jogger accident and, if warranted, we will fight to recover the highest amount of compensation that may be available to reimburse your medical and rehabilitation expenses and any other damages that you might have suffered.

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