Fatal E-Scooter and Car Crash on Restaurant Patio

Fatal E-Scooter and Car Crash on Restaurant Patio

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June 25, 2020

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On the morning of June 17, a car hit a scooter near the intersection of Effie Street and Silver Lake Boulevard. The car was completely rolled over, tore apart a tree, and came to rest inside the front patio area of L&E Oyster Bar, a local Silver Lake restaurant.

Luckily the restaurant was not open at the time of the crash. But, sadly, the crash did kill one yet unidentified person and injured four other people.

Restaurant Employee on the Scene First

One employee of L&E Oyster Bar was upstairs in the restaurant when the crash occurred. He was the first on the scene and attempted to put out the fire coming from the overturned car after calling the police.

The employee remarked how lucky they were that the crash occurred during the restaurant’s off hours, as they had recently opened up their patio due to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new LA Alfresco initiative, which allows for LA restaurants to expand their outdoor seating into public spaces like parking lots and walkways to make room for more guests and hopefully more revenue after Covid-19 closures.

L&E Oyster Bar had just recently expanded its patio along Silver Lake Boulevard. The eatery’s new tables would have been right in the path of the crash had they been open.

Nothing New

Sadly, car crashes into patio spaces are nothing new in Los Angeles. Restaurants all over the city have been affected by these kinds of accidents, leaving many unsuspecting diners, pedestrians, and other drivers injured by negligence.

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