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Family Sues Caitlyn Jenner for Injuries Sustained in Car Crash

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December 9, 2015

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The car crash that involved Caitlyn Jenner did not result in a vehicular manslaughter charge against the former Olympic champion and reality TV star. However, Jenner is now facing a personal injury lawsuit filed by the Wolf-Milesi family of Malibu.

The family filed the complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, December 4, 2015. They demand damages for Jenner’s alleged negligence in causing the crash, claiming that they have suffered “tremendous distress and suffering.”

Caitlyn Jenner crash involved multiple vehicles

The auto accident occurred when Jenner allegedly struck a Lexus. Consequently, the force of the impact caused the Lexus to hit an H2 Hummer being driven by the Wolf-Milesi family. In total, five members of the family were in the Hummer at the time of the crash. The driver of the Lexus, Kim Howe, died at the scene. Her Lexus had been pushed into oncoming traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Caitlyn Jenner expressed her sympathy for everyone involved in the accident. Her statement read, “It is a devastating tragedy. I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them.”

The Wolf-Milesi family claims multiple injuries — including psychological injuries — stemmed from the crash. Their lawsuit alleges that one member of the family sustained a severe cervical fracture that resulted in permanent disability. Other alleged injuries include wrist injuries, nerve damage, and blunt force trauma. Additionally, a one-month-old baby was unresponsive at the scene. The child was treated at UCLA Medical Center and survived the injuries.

The stepchildren of Kim Howe have also filed a separate wrongful death claim against Jenner. In assessing liability for this particular car crash, the plaintiffs are expected to introduce into evidence the results of the crash investigation. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Jenner was allegedly traveling at an unsafe speed for the traffic conditions. The report also indicated that she wasn’t paying attention to the road and failed to brake in time to avoid rear-ending the Lexus.

Liability in rear-end collision cases

It is often presumed that liability for rear-end collisions automatically rests with the driver of the car that struck the leading vehicle. This is indeed often the case, since drivers have a duty to follow at a safe distance.

However, a personal injury attorney may argue that the leading driver was also negligent — perhaps operating a vehicle with dysfunctional brake lights. The leading driver may also have suddenly stopped to make a left-hand turn and then failed to follow through on the turn.

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