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Encino Truck Accident Lawyers

Traffic-heavy Southern California has more than its fair share of trucks on the road which contributes to Los Angeles County being the location of many truck accidents. When Encino residents suffer injuries in these relatively serious crashes, they need the help of trustworthy Encino truck accident lawyers who can provide confident and competent counsel. 

Why truck accidents are so serious 

There are far more passenger vehicles on California roadways than there are commercial trucks, but the size and force of commercial motor vehicles up the ante. These over-sized vehicles take longer to stop, and they strike with more force than smaller cars and trucks.  

The seriousness of truck accidents translates to real numbers when one considers the number of accident victims they leave behind. Each year in California, there are more than 5,000 people hurt in truck accidents, and nearly 250 who lose their lives. But this is just the beginning of the story; in both fatal and nonfatal crashes, there are more victims who were not in the vehicle, like the families who the injured or deceased person can no longer support. 

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers take into account the full scope of injuries and damages to present a complete claim and maximize compensation for those who have been victimized. 

Understanding the cause of a truck accident 

Truck accidents are traumatic events that involve complex physics. Getting to the root cause is crucial because it affects the liability of the parties. 

When you speak with an Encino truck accident attorney, be prepared to provide as much information as possible to help the attorney begin an investigation into possible causes. The investigation will not stop there; it will usually include other methods of information-gathering like requesting documents from other parties and hiring expert witnesses to analyze the evidence and offer their opinions.  

The investigation will include not only the physical factors, like whether anyone was speeding, but also compliance with regulations designed to keep motorists safe. 

Obtaining compensation for truck accident injuries 

It is not just the physics that is complicated in a truck accident case. Trucks may be owned, operated, leased, loaded, and maintained by different companies or individuals. Each can potentially be liable, but a claimant needs to be able to prove the legal responsibility in order to recover from that defendant. 

After a thorough investigation, a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer will determine whether to negotiate with the insurance companies of the at-fault parties or proceed to filing a lawsuit.  

Choose a truck accident lawyer 

Truck accident litigation is a specialized area. Choose a Los Angeles personal injury attorney with a successful track record taking on trucking companies.  

The Encino truck accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law understand the trucking industry and use that knowledge to hold those responsible for serious commercial vehicle accidents accountable. Our team is focused on fighting for full compensation for those who have been seriously injured by another’s negligence. Call today to speak with a personal injury lawyer at Ellis Injury Law. Consultations are always free and confidential.