Ellis Law Surprises Partner Justina Ramon with Office Baby Shower

Ellis Law Surprises Partner Justina Ramon with Office Baby Shower

March 9, 2020

Ellis Law Corporation


On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Ellis Law celebrated Justina Ramon’s baby shower. Justina is a partner at Ellis Law and has been working at the firm for over 10 years. 

Thanks to careful – and ultra-secretive – planning on the part of her co-workers, Justina was taken completely by surprise by the baby shower celebration.

Justina’s secretary, Xiomara Escamilla, took the initiative and became the head organizer of the baby shower. Initially, the plan was to celebrate two office pregnancies, including not only Justina’s but also that of another highly valued member of the Ellis Law family, Selena Estrada, a legal secretary on staff.  However, Selena’s water broke a few days before the baby shower and she gave birth to a boy.  As a result, plans had to be readjusted! 

We are happy to report that Selena and her newborn baby are doing great.

Xiomara sent out a company-wide e-mail, which excluded Justina, notifying all Ellis Law staff of the baby shower.  In the e-mail, she asked her fellow co-workers – and co-conspirators – not only to participate in the potluck-style celebration but to be fully prepared to join in numerous baby shower games.

The baby shower games proved to be a ton of fun and a great bonding experience. One of the competitions required each contestant to place a paper plate on his or her own head and, without being able to look, to draw a picture of a baby on the plate. Justina judged the competition.

Though the Ellis Law staff is highly skilled and talented in many areas of achievement, blindly drawing babies on paper plates is apparently not one of them. Virtually every contestant struggled to draw anything that resembled a baby.  When Justina presented everyone’s work product, the results could only be described as ranging from “horrible” to “amusing”.  Justina had no choice but to choose the least terrible drawing.

The remainder of the event consisted of fun conversations and laughs with Justina. Even former Ellis Law staff members joined the fun, proving that the strong relationships formed at our firm go well beyond the workplace. 

Everyone in the Ellis Law family is ecstatic for Justina, who is set to become a first-time mom at some point in March. She is expected to have a baby girl and everyone is anxious to know what her name will be.  Over the years, Ellis Law has witnessed many children of staff members grow up and it’s fantastic to know that the company continues to encourage and celebrate growing families. 

The entire Ellis Law staff wishes Justina the best and looks forward to welcoming her baby into the office in the near future.