Ellis Law Secures $155,000 Settlement for Dog Bite Victim

Ellis Law Secures $155,000 Settlement for Dog Bite Victim

October 15, 2020

Ellis Law Corporation

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The legal team of Ellis Injury Law is pleased to announce that Partner Justina Ramon secured a $155,000 personal injury settlement on February 20, 2020, in the Los Angeles Superior Court (Case number RIC1806568).

The claim was brought on behalf of a client who was bitten by a neighborhood dog that had escaped its owner’s property. Like many dog bite victims, our client suffered injuries which included a broken finger and carpal tunnel syndrome. Both ailments required surgical repair, resulting in costly hospital bills.

$155,000 settlement for dog bite injuries

Attorney Justina Ramon leveraged her extensive experience in personal injury matters to ensure a successful outcome in the case. She was able to prove that her client’s carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition that causes tingling and weakness in the fingers and hand – was caused by the trauma of the dog bite, rather than repetitive motion. 

Acute carpal tunnel syndrome is not an uncommon injury for dog bite victims who were bitten on the hand or wrist. Symptoms usually include a progressively worsening pain, weakness, and numbness that limits grip strength and causes general weakness in the hand. In more severe cases, like that of our client, surgical intervention is needed to relieve pressure on the median nerve.

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Dog attacks can result in serious and life-threatening injuries that lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement. California has strict liability laws that allow victims to sue when it can be proven that an animal attack resulted from the owner’s negligence. Because each case is unique, it’s imperative to seek experienced legal counsel after any type of dog bite injury.

If you were knocked down or hurt by a canine or other domestic pet in Southern California, call a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer at Ellis Injury Law for a free case review. We work on a contingent fee basis, so you only pay if we recover money in your case. Protect your rights after a serious personal injury, call our offices today!