Ellis Law Presents Recent Settlement Results

Ellis Law Presents Recent Settlement Results

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March 11, 2020

Ellis Law Corporation

Recent Settlements

The Los Angeles personal injury firm of Ellis Law is proud to share some of our recent settlement highlights. Though these cases are no guarantee of future results, they do demonstrate what is possible in a California personal injury case. They also highlight the importance of choosing a firm with an established network of investigators, experts, and medical consultants who are fully committed to the clients they serve.

$2.5 Million Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

Ellis Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Kendolyn Wright v. Richard Williams et al. in the Superior Court of California – Los Angeles. The case settled on November 14th, 2018.

Facts of the Case: Our client, plaintiff Kendolyn Wright, was traveling northbound in a Ford Expedition when the defendant, an employee of Young’s Holding Inc, made an unsafe left-hand turn in his 18-wheeler. After bouncing off Ms. Wright’s SUV, Mr. Williams’ 18-wheeler collided with another vehicle traveling northbound on Crenshaw Boulevard, causing it to spin out and collide with a fourth vehicle. The plaintiff was trapped inside her car and needed to be extracted by firefighters. She sustained severe upper body injuries, requiring laminectomy and arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in both shoulders. Her medical bills totaled $628,968.

Results: We brought in several experts, including a radiologist, two orthopedic surgeons, a billing specialist, a psychologist, a vocational rehabilitation specialist, a life care planner, an economist, and an engineer. Andrew L. Ellis secured $2.5 million for the client, which accounted for some of the emotional pain and suffering she endured.

$9,696,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Ellis Law filed a premises liability lawsuit, Maria Rincon et al. v. Simon Property Group, Inc et al. with the Superior County Court of California – San Bernardino. This case settled on February 27, 2018.

Facts of the Case: Mrs. Rincon and her family were shopping at a mall in Ontario, California on January 7th, 2014. As they were grabbing a bite to eat in the mall food court, a large wood veneer ceiling panel fell on top of them, causing severe injuries. Maria Rincon required two $606,000 lumbar surgeries, but suffered ongoing failed back syndrome, which will require a third surgery to install a spinal cord stimulator. Her brother-in-law, Marcos Rincon, required $79,000 lumbar surgery as well and will need a second surgery in the future.    

Results: With the testimony of a biomechanic, general contractor, architect, and structural engineer, Andrew Ellis was able to prove that a faulty installation directly led to the ceiling’s collapse and harm to the plaintiffs. He brought in a radiologist, billing expert, two orthopedic surgeons, vocational rehabilitation expert, an economist, a psychologist, a physical medicine rehabilitation therapist, and a life care planner to validate the level of injuries sustained and estimate future medical expenses. Maria Rincon received $8,675,000 for her injuries, while Marcos Rincon received $1,021,000 for his.

$400,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

Ellis Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Timothy Claxton v. Frank Portillo et al. with the Superior Court of California – Santa Barbara. The case settled on January 31st, 2018.

Facts of the Case: On September 25th, 2015, Timothy Claxton was in the front passenger seat of a Toyota Prius, which was stopped on the 101 Freeway northbound. Frank Portillo failed to stop his Ford F-150, which struck our client’s vehicle, sending it into the stopped vehicle ahead and requiring emergency transport from the scene. Mr. Claxton required an epidural, a medial branch block, and a facet joint injection to his lumbar spine. After amassing medical bills of $31,852, he was advised that he will need future lumbar surgery.

Results:  Andrew Ellis brought in an orthopedic surgeon, economist, vocational rehabilitation expert, and life care planner to assist with the case. Mr. Ellis was ultimately able to recover $400,000 on behalf of Mr. Claxton to provide for his past, present, and future needs.

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