Ellis Injury Law Reflects On a Successful Summer

Ellis Injury Law Reflects On A Successful Summer

September 2, 2020

Ellis Law Corporation

Recent Settlements

This year has been challenging for everyone on virtually every level, from threats of illness and job loss to quarantine and homeschooling. It’s been a time of uncertainty for all of us, particularly those recovering from serious injuries and resulting legal action. Throughout this time, Ellis Law has worked diligently to resolve cases as efficiently as possible under these unprecedented circumstances. Though many courtrooms have been fraught with delays, we have successfully settled several lawsuits. Here are some of those great results. Congratulations to all our attorneys who worked so hard to give our clients the justice they deserved.

Dump Truck Accident Resulting in a Year Off Work

Our client was driving a company delivery truck on the Antelope Valley freeway when a man in a dump truck rear-ended him. The accident caused severe damage to the cervical and lumbar spine, causing our client to go through extensive rehabilitation and miss a year of work. Attorney Justina Ramon took this case to the State of California courtroom and recovered $175,000 on June 30th.

Herniated Disc in a Rear-End Auto Accident

Our client was with her 15-month-old grandson and slowing down for traffic ahead on the I-105 when a rear-end collision caused significant damage to her vehicle, as well as a painful herniated disc. On June 30th, Attorney Justina Ramon secured a settlement of $175,000 to cover the medical bills and full vehicle replacement cost.

DUI Car Rollover Accident

Our client was struck in the rear undercarriage by an intoxicated woman while sitting at a red light. The vehicle flipped over in the intersection, causing neck and back pain. Attorney Brandon Corday took this case to the State of California higher court on June 30th and secured $305,000.

Motor Vehicle Crash Causing Spine Injury

Our client had been traveling on Interstate 70 in the State of Colorado on a snowy day when a driver under the influence violently struck his vehicle, resulting in a lifelong spinal cord injury. On August 6th, Attorney Boris Briskin secured $610,000 for the client’s recovery.

Ellis Law wishes everyone in the Los Angeles community and throughout the state of California the best as we continue to battle this pandemic. Stay safe. Take care of each other. And if there is anything we can do to help, please give us a call.