El Segundo Truck Accident Lawyer

El Segundo Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents are more likely than other auto accidents to be serious or fatal. For El Segundo residents who have been affected by a truck accident, this can mean tremendous impact in the form of the loss of a loved one, ongoing treatments for injuries, long-term financial setbacks, and even lingering emotional strain. El Segundo truck accident lawyers understand these effects and fight for compensation from those responsible for the crash. 

Seek an attorney early 

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who represent truck accident victims jump into action right away. After a commercial truck accident, it is important to secure as much evidence as possible before the scene or records can be altered. Witnesses can be contacted while memories are still fresh. If the truck has a suspected defect, it can be preserved and examined before it is changed. 

An El Segundo truck accident attorney will also protect your rights by ensuring you meet the statute of limitations for filing a court case and manage communications with other parties. In short, a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer plays an important role in managing day-to-day affairs of the litigation as well as the major issues like court technicalities and timelines. 

Evidence in a truck accident case 

Truck accidents are specialized. Your El Segundo truck accident attorney needs to understand the different types of evidence that come into play following a commercial vehicle crash.  

The trucking industry is regulated by state and federal authorities. In addition to looking at physical evidence like the layout of the road, skid marks, and the physical injuries suffered by the victim, your lawyer will also investigate the potential defendants’ compliance with regulations, maintenance history, and paperwork history to develop a theory of liability. 

Obtain compensation for truck accident injuries 

Truck accident victims generally receive compensation through either a settlement or a trial. In clear-cut cases without complications, a settlement may come before filing suit. In other cases, it is necessary to go through the initial stages of a lawsuit before the parties are willing to settle. 

Taking your priorities into consideration, your El Segundo personal injury attorney will determine the value of your case and advise you when to consider accepting a settlement. Your attorney will also be willing to take the case to trial if necessary. 

Compensation for a truck crash 

California law allows those who have been injured by someone else’s negligence to recover both economic and non-economic damages from the at-fault parties. Economic damages are those that can be measured by a monetary value, like medical expenses. Non-economic damages are those that are not quantifiable, like pain and suffering. In the most tragic of cases, the loved ones left behind following a fatal crash may be entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit for their losses. 

Once your case is settled, you will not have the right to go back and request additional damages. Speak with a personal injury lawyer at Ellis Injury Law about the circumstances of your truck accident and scope of your damages before accepting a settlement. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the issues unique to truck accident litigation. Consultations are always free so you have nothing to lose.