El Segundo Slip and Fall Attorney

El Segundo Slip and Fall Lawyer

Anyone who has suffered from a slip and fall accident knows that there is no magic cure for the pain, suffering and loss associated with these kinds of accidents. However, with the help of a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney of Ellis Injury Law firm you can start to put your life back together with the compensation you deserve. Let our El Segundo slip and fall lawyers properly guide you for the right course of action to take following your accident.

Why did you slip or fall?

There are a few different kinds of lawsuit classifications available for slip and fall cases depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. You should think about, and write down, the answers to questions like where and when the fall took place.

As your slip and fall accident lawyer will explain, these answers and the case’s subsequent classification can greatly affect things like the statute of limitations on the case. For example, if you fell because of a fallen tree limb in a neighboring yard, it would be classified as an individual property case and would have a statute of limitation for 2 years. However, if you feel because of a wet floor with no signage at a local library, your claim would be for government property and you would only have 6 months to pursue litigation. 

How were you injured in the fall?

The nature of your injuries is also very important to your case when working with a personal injury attorney. Think about questions like:

  • What is the nature of your injury?
  • Will your injury keep you out of work for a long time?
  • Is it a chronic or long lasting injury?
  • Are you on any medication because of the injury?

Be sure to get doctor documentation to back up the answers to these and similar questions. The more your medical team details and documents your injury and treatment, the easier it will be to prove our claim in court.

What is your ideal outcome?

While your slip and fall lawyer can help you determine what realistic settlements or compensation awards might be, it’s always a good idea to come in with a monetary compensation goal in mind.

Do keep in mind that small claims are generally processed faster, but they also have a higher risk of being overturned. Your goals and eventual choices on how much compensation to pursue depend on your specific injury and how hard you want to work.

Ellis Law Corporation

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Ellis Law Corporation is your best bet. We have more than 20 years of experience with slip and fall cases, and have recovered more than $350 million for our clients all throughout the El Segundo and Los Angeles area.

You can count on us for fee-free service until you are awarded compensation for your injuries and suffering. Contact Ellis El Segundo slip and fall lawyers today to schedule your free consultation.