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El Monte Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’ve suffered injuries because of an accident that was no fault of your own, you may be entitled to a cash settlement. See a doctor ASAP, fill out a police report if necessary, and contact El Monte personal injury lawyers right away. Ellis Law Corporation has a professional legal team on standby 24/7 to hear your side of the story. A sudden accident can turn your world upside down in an instant. Work closely with a talented personal injury lawyer, and make sure your constitutional rights are protected.

There is no substitute for experience in the courtroom

For over two decades, Ellis Law Corporation has been fighting for the good people of El Monte and the greater L.A. area. Our partners are bright, creative, and well-versed in the nuances of California state law. We’ve worked on cases that include everything from common fender benders, to complex tort cases that hold big companies responsible for their actions. We’re proud to have helped win over $350 million in damages for our clients over the years. If you’ve been hurt, chances are you’ve missed some time at work. Medical bills, rent and utilities, tuition payments, and credit card debt can pile up quickly. A cash settlement can help you put your life back together. When your well-being, happiness, and future are on the line, make sure you work with a firm that has a proven track record of getting results.

Consultation is 100% risk-free

Everyone is equal under the law, whether they can afford an expensive legal team out of pocket or not. Don’t let money be a barrier between you and the advocacy you deserve. El Monte personal injury attorneys from Ellis Law will meet with you and discuss your case with no upfront legal fees. Consultation is completely confidential. Every detail will stay between you and your legal expert, until we decide how to proceed. If we think you have a case, we’ll get to work for you for free. We don’t get paid a dime unless you win your case. If you don’t receive a settlement or jury award, you don’t owe us a penny. There is no reason to wait. If you’ve been the victim of negligence, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you are able.

What type of cases do you take?

Personal injury law covers a large section of accidental injuries. We all know accidents happen, but often times, one party is at fault. If the injury is caused by (or if your injuries are made worse by) somebody else’s negligence, you may have a case. Examples of this include a slip and fall when a business has failed to mark a wet surface, being rear-ended by a distracted driver, or getting hurt on the job due to an unsafe workplace. Improper actions by the police or other city employees can lead to injuries, as can accidents caused by poorly maintained housing. The only way you can know for certain if you have a case, is to sit down with a professional and describe the circumstances surrounding your accident. Schedule a consultation today, and find out whether you’re legally owed damages.