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El Monte Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

There are few ways to better enjoy the weather in El Monte than going for a walk. Whether for pleasure or with a purpose, walking is a healthy, economical way to get around town. In most cases, walking will bring you in close proximity to roads and the vehicles that drive on them. When these drivers are careless, they could cause an accident with a pedestrian like yourself. 

If a driver has struck you while walking, an El Monte pedestrian accident lawyer might be able to help. The injuries you have suffered could be costly to treat, and any time away from work could lead to significant financial strain. The skilled personal injury lawyers of Ellis Injury Law could help you recover monetary damages to compensate you for these losses.  

What to do if struck by a car 

Being struck by a car can be disorienting. After all, few people set out on foot with the expectation of being struck by a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, these accidents are common. According to the NHTSA, a pedestrian is killed by a motorist every 88 minutes in the United States. The number of people injured is even higher. If you are one of those injured pedestrians, the actions you take after your crash are important. By following these steps, you could help your pedestrian accident lawyer build the strongest case possible.  

  • Seek medical help if your injuries are significant 
  • Contact the police and inform them an accident has occurred 
  • Avoid speaking with the motorist other than to obtain their insurance information 
  • Take photos of the scene of the accident 
  • Jot down the contact information of any witnesses 
  • Contact an experienced El Monte personal injury attorney 

A successful outcome in a personal injury case can never be guaranteed. However, taking these steps could improve your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries.  

No fee unless we are successful 

Following a pedestrian accident, you have enough to worry about. Focusing on your injuries, your family, and your career can take up the majority of your time. We understand that the additional stress of legal fees from your attorney will only make matters worse. That is why we only collect our fee if we successfully recover damages in your case.  

When we take your case, we will work out a contingency agreement upfront. Under this agreement, we will take a percentage of any money we recover on your behalf. This means if we collect nothing, you owe us nothing. This way, you are always in a win-win position by working with Ellis Injury Law.  

Speak with an El Monte pedestrian accident attorney 

If you have been struck by a car in El Monte, you should contact Ellis Injury Law without delay. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers could begin working on your case immediately. If you still have questions about your legal options, we are happy to discuss them with you. Schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation with Ellis Injury Law as soon as possible.