Does TBI Shorten Your Life?

Does TBI Shorten Your Life?

A moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) can shorten your life significantly. According to the CDC, a person surviving a moderate to severe TBI has a life expectancy nine years shorter than contemporaries who did not suffer a serious head injury.  

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the odds of a shorter life expectancy after TBI. Some of the common causes of such deaths are preventable. Patients need chronic disease management, with regular screenings and prompt diagnosis and treatment of TBI-related conditions. Mental health issues associated with TBI such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD also require identification and treatment.  

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The most vulnerable 

Certain TBI survivors are even more vulnerable to a shorter life expectancy. That is true of men and older accident victims, but it also affects those who are: 

  • Single 
  • Unemployed  
  • Less-educated 

The more severe the TBI, the more likely the victim will die earlier. That is especially the case with fall-related TBIs. 

Chronic health problems 

One reason people with TBIs have a shorter life expectancy is due to an increase in chronic health problems. TBI patients are 50 times more likely to experience seizures than the general population. Other common chronic health problems or factors leading to an earlier demise include: 

  • Accidental drug poisoning 
  • Dementia  
  • Infections 
  • Pneumonia 

Substance abuse issues may also arise. Tragically, some TBI victims die by their own hand.  

Living a healthier life 

There are measures TBI victims may take to help them live a healthier and longer life. Consuming a healthy diet focused on fruits, vegetables and lean meats and avoiding sugary or processed foods boosts overall health. Stay away from alcohol. It may interfere with recovery. If a person has too much to drink, they are more likely to fall or otherwise reinjured themselves.  

TBI patients should follow their doctor’s advice and take medication as directed and use medical devices as recommended. The same holds true if they are on a specific diet – do not make changes without consulting a physician. 

TBI patients should know the warning signs of a seizure and how to respond. Their family, friends, and caregivers should know what to do during a seizure as well.  

Keep the brain stimulated by working on puzzles, crosswords, or other games, if possible.  

Join a support group. It is beneficial to connect with people going through similar issues.  

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