Diamond Bar Bus Accident Lawyer

Diamond Bar Bus Accident Attorney

When vehicle accidents happen, they can be devastating. When that accident involves a bus, weighing up to 40,000 pounds and carrying dozens of passengers, those accidents can be downright traumatic. Typically bus accidents lead to countless injuries and sometimes even death. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, don’t settle for what the insurance company tells you your injury is worth. You may be eligible for more compensation from responsible parties.  

With a Diamond Bar bus accident attorney from Ellis Law, you can rest assured that you will receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.   

Who may be responsible for your accident? 

When it comes to determining who is at fault for your injuries, things can be complicated. Our Diamond Bar personal injury lawyers do more than file paperwork. We take the time to fully investigate the accident and determine which party’s negligent actions are responsible for the cause of the accident. In many cases, this can involve more than one person. 

Examples of negligent parties may include: 

  • A bus company who didn’t properly train their drivers or provide sufficient time between shifts for sleep 
  • A negligent bus driver who failed to follow standard driving laws  
  • A company that provided defective tires or other equipment 
  • Mechanics who failed to properly fix a known issue 
  • Other passengers who caused distractions to the driver, causing an accident  
  • A distracted, drunk, or reckless driver of another vehicle that caused a car accident with the bus 

What you can sue for 

Determining who is responsible for your pain and suffering is the first step to requesting compensation. The next is determining exactly how much your injury is worth. It can be hard to put a price tag on the pain caused by an accident, especially in incidents where a loved one has been lost. However, it is important to fight for the compensation you’ll need to cover expenses that have or will occur as a result of the incident. Your Diamond Bar bus accident lawyer from Ellis Law will closely examine every financial impact the accident has had on you and your family to ensure you receive the most amount of compensation possible. 

Some of the things we request compensation for are: 

  • Doctor bills, medical equipment, and medications  
  • Cost of future medical treatment and staff 
  • Recovery of lost pay  
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering 
  • Memorial and funeral expenses 
  • Cost of daycare, elderly care, or other additional help needed for your home or family 

Why the right legal team makes a difference 

Choosing your legal representation is one of the most important decisions you can make after an accident. At Ellis Law, we not only have more than 25 years of experience winning over $350 million in settlements for our personal injury clients, but we also care about the recovery and future stability of you and your family. Call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Ellis Law today. Your consultation is always free and we don’t get paid until you do.