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Culver City Bus Accident Lawyers

Culver City Bus Accident Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who are injured in bus accidents.

Accidents of all types can be devastating, but when it comes to accidents that involve large buses, the odds of injuries and death increase. Not only does a bus usually contain dozens of passengers, but they are more prone to rolling over and rarely come equipped with seatbelts or other basic safety features. Because of this, bus accidents can be traumatic experiences that result in serious injuries or even death.  

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a bus accident, don’t let the responsible party get away with it. With Culver City bus accident lawyers from Ellis Injury Law, we can make sure that you win the compensation you’ll need to recover the financial and emotional impact that accident has had on you and your family.  

Common bus injuries 

There are many ways that a person can become injured due to the negligence of a bus driver, the driver of another vehicle, or the company that is responsible for assuring a well-maintained vehicle and a properly trained staff.  

Some of the most common bus accident injuries we see include: 

  • A pedestrian or bicyclist being struck by a passing bus 
  • A passenger being tossed around the interior of a bus due to a collision or reckless driving 
  • People being tossed from the bus after a strong collision or a roll-over 
  • Another driver hitting the bus  
  • Defective tires or malfunctioning mechanical equipment that leads to an accident 

Though most incidents tend to fall into similar categories, every case is unique, which is exactly how our personal injury lawyers treat it. We don’t just generalize your case; we spend the time to investigate every aspect of the incident and to uncover all of the ways the injury or death has and will continue to affect your life so you reach a fair and proper settlement.  

What a Culver City bus accident attorney can do for you 

When you call Ellis Law, you are partnering with an experienced bus accident lawyer who will work tirelessly to help you receive adequate compensation. Our firm has been fighting personal injury cases for the last 25 years, winning more than $350 million in settlements for our clients. We take the time to really examine every detail of your case in order to determine a proper settlement amount that will care for your current and future financial needs following a serious injury.  

Some of the things a personal injury attorney from Ellis Law will do includes: 

  • Coming to the scene of the accident to collect evidence that will help your case 
  • Guide you through what to do and what not to do following an accident 
  • Check-in on the recovery of you and your family 
  • Ensure your lawsuit is properly filed within the statute of limitations 
  • Collect current medical bills and determine the estimated cost of future care 
  • Examine additional expenses resulting from the injury such as lost wages, childcare, emotional trauma, etc. 

If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a bus accident, don’t wait to file suit. Call a Culver City personal injury attorney from Ellis Law. Your consultation is always free, and we don’t get paid until you do.