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Covina Wrongful Death Lawyers

Covina Wrongful Death Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful Wrongful Death lawyers in Los Angeles California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who have a wrongful death case.

Ellis Injury Law Covina wrongful death lawyers are here to help grieving family members get by in the aftermath of losing a loved one. When a contributor to the household dies through negligence, recklessness, or willful malice of another, heirs are entitled to pursue compensation, so they are not deprived of life’s necessities.  

Beyond financial considerations, many people contact personal injury lawyers to pursue wrongful death lawsuits as a matter of justice on behalf of their loved ones, to hold people accountable for their actions, and to deter future wrongdoing. While a lawsuit cannot bring your loved one back, you may experience a greater sense of closure knowing that justice has been served to some degree.   

Do I have a wrongful death claim? 

You might have a valid wrongful death claim if: 

  • Your loved one has died as a result of negligence or malice. Personal injury lawsuits resulting in death typically include a wrongful death claim. Whether it was a robbery went awry, vehicular homicide or medical malpractice, the negligent or malicious actions of another can lead you to a wrongful death lawyer. One exception is work injuries resulting in death, which should be handled through the worker’s compensation system.  
  • You are a “personal representative” of the decedent. The list of people who may file a wrongful death action in California includes spouses, domestic partners, and children. In some cases, grandchildren, stepchildren, and intestate succession heirs may be permitted to file the lawsuit. It is important to include all possible claimants in the suit, as multiple lawsuits cannot be filed.   
  • You have filed within California’s wrongful death statute of limitations. Most wrongful death lawsuits must be filed within two years of injury or death. For medical malpractice claims, family members may have three years from the date of injury or one year from the discovery of the injury, whichever occurs first. When the defendant is a county or state hospital or facility, a claim must be initiated within six months. The rules can be confusing, so it’s best to consult a wrongful death attorney for guidance. 

How much money can I get for a wrongful death lawsuit? 

A wrongful death lawsuit can provide compensation to cover: 

  • Burial expenses 
  • Funeral expenses 
  • Loss of Care and Guidance 
  • Loss of Consortium 
  • Loss of Expected Income 
  • Loss of Inheritance 
  • Loss of Love and Companionship 
  • Loss of Value of Services 

It can be complex to determine what a person “would have earned had they lived a normal lifespan.” We rely upon experts in our network to estimate how many more years your loved one might have worked, what potential your loved one had for promotions and raises over the course of a career, inflation adjustments, retirement account contributions, and benefits over the years, the monetary value of household services lost, as well as how much pain and suffering the family is likely to endure.  

If you would like to recover compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering and medical bills prior to death, or pursue punitive damages in cases of egregious conduct, ask your personal injury attorney about filing a “survival cause of action” on top of your wrongful death lawsuit.  

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