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For over two decades, the Los Angeles construction accident attorneys at Ellis Law have fought side by side with injured victims to make sure they and they families receive substantial and just compensation for workplace negligence that caused them to be hurt.

Construction is a notoriously dangerous industry. Accidents are bound to happen with so many people coordinating efforts at the same worksite – operating heavy machines, working with live electrical wires, dealing with highly specialized equipment, and dangling from extreme heights.

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With the exception of the workers themselves, no understand the perils of this industry better than the California personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law. For over 20 years, we have consistently fought for the rights of Los Angeles-area construction workers after an accident brings them down and takes them off the job. Our two decade-long track record of success guarantees that every effort will be made to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your lawsuit in Southern California. Remember, all consultations are free, and we charge no fees unless we win your case.

Statistics for 2012

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 3.2% of construction workers (4,383) were killed in work site accidents last year.
  • Transportation incidents accounted for 2 out of 5 fatal accidents.
  • Other common causes of death included falls, being struck by objects, electrocutions and caught-betweens.
  • Fatal falls killed 544 workers and 233 workers were killed by falling objects.
  • Fatal construction accidents in the private mining sector increased 14% to 177 incidents.
  • Fatalities in the oil and gas extraction industry also rose to a record-high 138 deaths.
  • Agricultural fatalities declined 16% to 475, but the 21.2% fatal injury rate is still the highest overall.
  • Fatal injuries to roofers rose 17% to 70 deaths last year, which is the highest count in five years.

Unfortunately, California construction accidents were common in 2012. The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metropolitan statistical area was among one of the highest in the nation for fatal incidents last year, with 81 work site deaths reported.

Types of construction accidents

Construction site accidents that can lead to serious injuries include:

  • Accidents Involving Heavy MachineryCommon California construction accidents involving heavy machinery include: misuse of vehicles; operator error; machine failure; inadequate safety equipment; clothing, hair or jewelry getting tangled in the machine; or exposure to toxins.  
  • Crane AccidentsThe larger the equipment used on a construction site, the larger the accident that can occur. Cranes moving heavy cargo can strike workers or collapse due to overloading or improper operation.
  • Electrocution AccidentsWorking around live power wires can pose serious hazards, such as surface-level burns, internal burns, falls, brain injury, permanent disability, or even death.
  • FallsHalf of falls account from slip and trips. The other 50% mostly come from elevations of 10 to 30 feet. Construction sites should be clear of dangerous debris and equipped with safety devices to limit danger.
  • Forklift Accidents42% of forklift fatalities are caused by an operator trying to jump from a tipping vehicle when the load is too high and they are not wearing a safety belt. Neck and back injuries are common too.
  • Scaffolding AccidentsThe US Department of Labor says that 72% of workers injured in scaffold accidents were injured by the planking or support giving way, a slip and fall, or being struck by a falling object.
  • Trench CollapsesCrush injuries and deaths occur when an excavation trench collapses on itself. Most of these cases could have been prevented by a supervisor checking to ensure the safety of the structure.
  • Welding AccidentsMost welding accidents involve very serious burns, but there are also claims filed for exposure to radiation and damage to the eyes.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration keeps a record of safety violations, which could help build a case for a lawsuit. While some situations may boil down to worker error, there are often underlying factors that contribute to a workplace accident.

Los Angeles lawsuit verdicts

Lawyers at Ellis Law have negotiated many successful settlements for our clients, including:

  • $190,000 settlement – A plaintiff making a delivery to the defendant’s office slipped and fell several feet, directly onto his back, when a piece of the office step broke off.
  • $190,000 settlement – A production control expeditor slipped on water from a cleaning machine, suffering injuries to his hands, wrists, groin and knees.
  • $4.1 million settlement – A certified forklift operator attempted to disconnect a portable propane cylinder from a large stationary storage tank, when the propane suddenly ignited — causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns and scarring. The man lost $97,541 in earnings and had medical expenses totaling $251,853.93.

Construction accidents may result in disabling injuries or even death

Successful settlements and jury verdicts are helping California families make it through hard financial times after breadwinners sustain injuries in the workplace. Last year, a 54-year-old concrete pump operator fell 20 feet through an unguarded hole at his construction site in San Jose. He suffered multiple fractures, which left him a paraplegic. His accident led to an $11.3 million settlement.

Tragically, some victims lose their lives. A high profile case in June 2013 called attention to the liability of an elevator manufacturer. A 63-year-old certified elevator mechanic was killed at the new 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara. He was standing on the ladder when he was struck by an elevator counterweight, which was a permanent part of the stadium.

Schindler Elevator Corporation paid a $25,000 penalty in 2011 for a serious OSHA violation that caused a worker to fall 19 feet down a shaft. The wrongful death case is still under investigation, as this is the second workplace death to occur at the construction site this year.

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Sometimes the root causes of a construction accident aren’t fully known until a legal team pours through all the details. Experienced LA construction attorneys at Ellis Law understand the physical, emotional and financial impact that these types of accidents can have on workers and their families. A personal injury lawsuit cannot erase what has been done, but it can help recover some of the expenses associated with the incident and help bring a sense of closure in knowing the same type of accident won’t happen to someone else due to an unaddressed workplace hazard.

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