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Compton Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Compton Pedestrian Accident Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who are injured in pedestrian accidents.

Imagine this: you’re walking along on a beautiful Compton day when, all of a sudden, a motor vehicle comes barreling straight at you. You try to get out of its way, but it’s moving too fast to avoid.  

An hour later you’re in the hospital being treated for your injuries. Your mind races as you lay there worrying. How bad are you hurt? How long will your recovery take? How will you pay your bills and meet your living expenses in the meantime? 

As personal injury lawyers in Compton, we’re well acquainted with the physical and financial suffering that a pedestrian accident can inflict. That’s why we work so hard on our client’s behalf. We want them to get every penny of the compensation they deserve. Get in touch with us today if you need our help. 

How to protect yourself while walking about the city 

Although you may hope to never need the services of a pedestrian accident lawyer, accidents do happen. There are some precautions you can take to try to lower those chances. Here are five tips for staying safe while walking around our community: 

  1. Look both ways, not once but twice: Looking in both directions before stepping out into the street is essential for avoiding accidents. But a single glance by itself can cause you to overlook a vehicle coming in your direction. So look both ways twice before starting out.  
  2. Wear high visibility clothing: This is especially important after sunset. Dark clothes blend in with the surrounding twilight, while lightly colored ones stand out much better. You may want to consider adding reflective tape to some of your evening outfits, especially if you walk around a great deal at night.    
  3. Minimize the use of mobile devices: Have you ever seen someone obsessed with his or her smartphone while walking around? That’s a sure recipe for an accident. If you must use your phone or tablet, then duck into a restaurant or other public building for a few seconds while doing so, and try to remain aware of your surroundings. 
  4. Watch out for all types of vehicles: Cars are not the only forms of transportation that pose a danger for pedestrians. Motorcycles, bicycles, and even skateboards present similar risks. Keep an eye out for all of these hazards. 
  5. Only use official crosswalks: Drivers know to watch for pedestrians at these spots. Crossing the street at unmarked locations greatly increases your risk of injury.  

Seek help for your accident today 

Sometimes even the most careful precautions can’t prevent a pedestrian accident from occurring. In those cases, it’s important to talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Quick action will maximize your chances of getting full compensation.  

Here’s what to look for in a Compton pedestrian accident attorney: 

  • No-cost consultations: There’s no reason to pay a big legal fee just to talk to Los Angeles personal injury lawyers.  
  • A successful track record: For example, the attorneys here at Ellis Injury Law have recovered more than $350 million for our clients over the years. If the firm you’re considering can’t say as much, then it’s probably best to look elsewhere.  
  • 24/7 access: Personal injuries don’t always occur from 9 to 5. Why should your law office be any different? 

Get in touch with Ellis Injury Law today if we can help you in any way. We looking forward to hearing from you.