Ontario Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Ontario Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The City of Ontario’s pedestrian-friendly layout is one of the biggest advantages of living in our city. Why drive when you can enjoy our mild winters and inclusive culture on foot? 

But no form of transportation is absolutely safe, even one as healthy as walking. Studies show that over 100,000 Americans suffer serious injuries each year due to pedestrian accidents.  

Please don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying you shouldn’t go for a walk. We are saying that pedestrian injuries are a serious problem in our society. As personal injury lawyers, we often see the effects of these misfortunes in the lives of our clients. 

No one can undo the suffering that you or a loved one may have undergone. But we can help injury victims to get the compensation they need. It all starts by getting in touch with Ellis Injury Law today. 

Smartphones, distracted drivers, and oversized vehicles are a deadly mix 

Americans love their cars and trucks and there’s nothing wrong with that. An automobile is essential for many of us. Without it, we couldn’t get to work, go shopping, or take our kids to school. 

The problem starts when drivers focus more on their smartphones or other distractions than on the road ahead. In fact, distracted driving is out of control in many parts of the US.  When innocent people suffer due to the negligence or irresponsibility of others, it’s time for a pedestrian accident lawyer to get involved. Here’s why: 

  • Insurance companies don’t always do the right thing: Sometimes adjustors worry more about protecting their employer’s pocketbook than about helping accident victims.  
  • Negligent parties may try to evade responsibility: The term for this sleazy tactic is “deny and delay.” It’s intended to wear down injured parties until they’re willing to sign away their rights in exchange for a token settlement.  
  • Engaging the services of an Ontario pedestrian accident attorney sends a clear message to the other side: It lets them know that you’re serious about getting every penny of the compensation you rightfully deserve. Why struggle with giant medical bills and lost income when help is available? 

Find the right firm for you 

Let’s say you’ve decided to talk to a personal injury attorney.  The next step is to compare Ontario pedestrian accident lawyers to ensure you’re getting the best possible representation. Here’s what to look for: 

  • A firm with investigative resources: Don’t be fooled by TV courtroom dramas. In the real world, it’s facts, not flourish, that decides most cases. That means you need Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who know how to uncover the facts, even when others may try to sweep them under the rug. 
  • A firm that treats its clients with respect: You’ve already suffered physical trauma from your injuries. Why add mental and emotional turmoil to the mix? Look for a law firm that offers free consultations, works on contingency, and makes it easy to reach a staff member any time day or night. 
  • A firm that’s recognized for its track record: Here at Ellis Injury Law, for example, our attorneys have recovered more than $350 for our clients over the years. With a history like that, insurance companies and negligent parties know you mean business when you choose us.  

Get in touch with Ellis Injury Law today to get started on the path to a better future. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.