CHP’s “Every 15 Minutes” Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Sends Message to Teens

CHP’s “Every 15 Minutes” Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Sends Message to Teens

March 22, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation


The “Every 15 Minutes” program is a two-day program sponsored by the California Highway Patrol focusing on high school juniors and seniors, challenging them to think about drinking and driving. The goal is to reduce alcohol-related accidents by re-enacting a fatal drunk driving car crash and illustrating the impact their decisions have on family, friends, their community, and many others.

The program was developed in the early 1990’s and was named after the number of drunk driving fatalities that occurred every 15 minutes at that point in time. Currently, the number has changed to one death every 53 minutes, according to the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The program has been used in high schools across the country to inform students of the real and emotional consequences of drunk driving.

Prom season is a time that is more associated with drinking and driving among high school teens. Lodi High school recently held the two-day program in March, which included students and local first responders. The experience can be powerful and emotional, and the goal is to raise awareness of the far-reaching consequences of a drunk driving accident. Students can experience firsthand how their actions affect the lives of other people.

Schools interested in implementing this program can contact The California Highway Patrol’s website for more information on application requirements and funding opportunities.

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