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Chivas USA Player Killed In Car Accident

June 19, 2013

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Monday, June 17th in CARSON, California — Julio Chavez, a defender and captain of Chivas USA’s Under-18 team, died in an auto accident. He was 19. Chavez was killed on Monday night in Modesto, California, his hometown, the team said. He attended the team’s youth academy for three years.

Chavez, a native of Modesto, graduated from BirminghamHigh School in 2012, earning a scholarship to attend the Cal State-LA. Chavez is survived by his parents Francisco and Isabel Chavez, and four siblings: Francisco, Claudia, Rafael and Cecilia.

Chivas USA will honor the player’s life by wearing a black armband with his name and number on it and hosting a moment of silence before the match against the LA Galaxy on Sunday.

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