Child Product Recalls and Injuries on the Rise in 2016

Child Product Recalls and Injuries on the Rise in 2016

child product recalls on the rise in 2016

April 5, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation

Product Liability

According to recent statistical reports released by Kids in Danger, there were 76 children’s products and nearly 67 million units recalled in 2016. Chief offenders were McDonald’s recall of Step-It activity wristbands and Ikea’s Malm chests and dressers, each responsible for 29 million units.

Kids in Danger, a Chicago based children’s safety advocacy group, suggests that these potentially dangerous products remain on store shelves too long before any recall efforts are made. Although companies have effectively used social media to spread information regarding product recalls, the report suggests that companies tend to wait until numerous accidents have been reported before announcing formal recalls.

KID will continue to work to provide information to increase recall effectiveness and broaden consumer awareness in 2017 and beyond with regard to injuries and deaths related to children’s product recalls. Parents can check for recall reports and sign up for safety updates at

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