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Cerritos Truck Accident Lawyers

In America, most goods get around on commercial trucks. From food, to consumer goods, to raw materials and construction equipment, almost everything we need is trucked to its final destination. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers obey the rules of the road. Whether they drive aggressively to try and meet delivery deadlines, clock extra hours behind the wheel to earn more money, or distract themselves with digital devices to pass the time, they are putting innocent people at risk. If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by a commercial trucker, you should contact Cerritos truck accident lawyers with Ellis Law. We can hold companies responsible for their employees’ actions, and seek compensation to pay for your pain and suffering. 

Do I have a case? 

Every accident is different, and the only way to know if you have a strong case is to schedule a free consultation with Los Angeles personal injury lawyers from Ellis Law. Generally speaking, if you’ve been in a collision that was caused, either totally or partially, by a trucker’s negligence, you should be able to seek compensation. At your consultation, we’ll examine evidence to see if we can clearly establish fault. We’ll also assess your out of pocket costs, future medical expenses, missed paychecks, decreased earnings potential, and pain and suffering. This will give us an idea of how much compensation to seek. It’s important to remember that there’s no risk to sitting down for a consultation with a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer from Ellis Law. Consultations are always confidential, and you’re under no obligation to retain our services. 

Top-notch legal representation with no upfront fees 

We all know how expensive it can be to hire an attorney. But what if you’re not as wealthy as say, Cerritos native and NFL Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman? At Ellis Law, we believe everyone is entitled to quality legal representation in their hour of need. Schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Ellis Law today. If we decide you have a case, we can get to work right away with no upfront legal fees. Our partners work on contingency fees, which means our payment is contingent on you winning damages or agreeing to a fair settlement. In the unlikely event that you don’t receive damages, you won’t owe us a penny in legal fees. 

We’ve won over $350 million for our clients 

It’s a number that we’re very proud of, and it’s a number that continues to grow. When we look at that figure we see much more than just a pile of money. We see medical bills covered, mortgage payments made on time, credit card interest avoided, and sometimes even bankruptcy avoided. Though every case is different, and no outcome can be guaranteed, we have a proven track record of success, and a reputation for treating every client with care and dedication. Contact a personal injury lawyer with Ellis Law today, and start fighting for the justice you deserve.