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Cerritos Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Cerritos is one of those special communities where spending time outside is a real pleasure. Our mild climate, clean air, and beautiful scenery make going for a walk the high point of many people’s day. 

But pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere, even in a town as fortunate as ours. When they do, it’s important to seek the help of qualified personal injury lawyers. Otherwise, you may find yourself without the compensation you need and deserve.  

Why negotiating on your own may not work out in your favor 

Some people believe that insurance eliminates the need for a pedestrian accident lawyer. They believe they’re fully qualified to deal with adjusters on their own. 

We admire these people for their confidence and initiative. In truth, however, most accident victims are better off seeking the help of a legal professional with this important matter. Here’s why: 

  • Insurance companies are in business to make money: A successful insurer will do everything possible to limit expenses, including payouts. This puts the company in an adverse relationship to accident victims, who typically need as much compensation as possible to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. 
  • Insurance adjusters are skilled, professional negotiators: Furthermore, most accident victims are just ordinary folks who have suffered a run of bad luck. This puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with the other side. 
  • Recovering from an injury is a full-time job in itself: You may have run across web sites that promise to teach the “secrets” of insurance negotiating. Do you really want to take a crash course in a complex skill while you’re putting your life back together after a traumatic event? 

How to pick the right firm for you 

Most accident victims come out ahead by putting their case in the hands of a personal injury attorney. But how do you choose the right law firm? Here are some things to consider: 

  • The firm’s focus: Our Cerritos pedestrian accident lawyers have devoted their lives to helping injury victims like yourself. Their unique skill set makes them the people to trust with these important matters. 
  • The firm’s approach to its clients: For example, does the firm make it easy to contact a staff member? Does it provide the information you need to make an informed decision? Does it treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve? Here at Ellis Injury Law, we offer free consultations and 24/7 access to our staff via our website or toll-free number.  
  • The firm’s record of success: There’s nothing wrong with Los Angeles personal injury lawyers making public the amount of money they have recovered for their clients. On the contrary, it helps accident victims to choose the right firm for their needs. Here at Ellis Injury Law, our attorneys have recovered more than $350 million during their years of practice. Can others say the same? 

Getting your life back on track 

Don’t let a personal injury keep you on the sidelines. Get in touch with one of our pedestrian accident attorneys today. You’ll soon be on your way to a better tomorrow. Whatever choice you make, we wish you all the best.