Cement Truck Crash Traps Man in Downtown L.A. Accident

Cement Truck Crash Traps Man in Downtown L.A. Accident


September 25, 2018

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A cement truck and a sedan were involved in a crash in downtown Los Angeles in late August, trapping the driver of the sedan for roughly half an hour. Firefighters used a crane to rescue him, removing the sedan’s roof to reach him.

The rescued driver, who was said to be 25 years old, was taken by ambulance immediately to a nearby hospital. Neither his injuries nor his name have been released.

The cement truck driver, 49 years old, was listed in fair condition with minor head injuries. His identification has also not been released.

Early news reports described the car as “mangled” and some photos appeared to show it partly under the cement truck. Despite this, the car’s driver was said to be conscious and alert during the rescue.

Power Lines Downed

The accident occurred at roughly 10:10 p.m. It occurred in the 200 block of West Washington Boulevard. Power lines in the area were downed, although no fire resulted.

The crash also closed some public transportation routes. The Metro Blue Line light rail was temporarily closed near Washington Boulevard and Grand Avenue and proximate streets in both directions while firefighters worked.

Authorities are currently investigating the causes of the crash.

How Is Negligence Determined in a Truck Accident?

Unfortunately, collisions between trucks and cars are far too common in southern California. In cases like the most recent one, it’s not possible to comment on the causes or liability because the causes are not yet known.

Some general comments on how negligence is determined in truck accidents can be made, however.

Truck accident liability can be complicated, largely because there are so many factors that could be responsible. Driver error or failure to follow laws and safety rules of the road can always be the cause of an accident, of course, and truck accidents are no exception. One or both drivers may be at fault.

But many trucking firms use subcontractors to maintain and service their vehicles. Improper or infrequent maintenance and service can also be the cause of an accident, no matter how good the driver was.

Other factors include the load of the truck, whether Federal trucking regulations were followed, weather conditions, and the state of the roads.

Parties can be considered negligent if they were aware conditions were unsafe, bore responsibility for making them safe, and failed to take actions that would have made the conditions safe. Drivers can be at fault if they failed to obey the law or standard rules of the road.

A Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights

Because multiple parties can be responsible for a truck accident, accidents involving trucks often need to be investigated to determine causes. Liability may be determined to rest with one party or multiple parties.

The attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation bring 20 years of experience to the table when it comes to fighting for the rights of truck accident victims and their families. For a complimentary review of your case, please call 310-641-3335 today and speak with a qualified LA truck accident attorney. We will battle to see that justice is done.

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