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Boating Accidents in LA: Common Causes and Legal Recourse

August 7, 2014

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Considered a favorite pastime by many Southern Californians, boating can be one of the most relaxing and peaceful ways to spend an afternoon. However, there are several risks associated with recreational boating, and it is not uncommon for unsuspecting watercraft enthusiasts to experience significant physical injuries or property damage due to a collision or other issue.

If you were recently injured in a watercraft incident, Los Angles boating accident lawyers can help you obtain fair and adequate compensation to redress the harm you have suffered.

Boating injury liability in California

Boating injury liability can occur any number of ways. In general, all boaters have a duty to conduct themselves and their vessel in a reasonably safe manner. Failure to boat safely, resulting in harm to others, can give rise to liability through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.

Unsafe boating activities can include any of the following:

  • Boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (BUI);
  • Failing to maintain safe onboard equipment;
  • Traveling at excessive speeds;
  • Creating unnecessary wake;
  • Boating in inclement weather;
  • Failing to provide safety vests and other life-saving equipment for guests onboard;
  • Allowing inexperienced or underage passengers to operate the boat;
  • Negligence pursuant to water skiing or tubing activities.

What’s more, a boat operator not only owes a duty of care to other boaters and swimmers in the water, but to his own passengers as well. Failing to provide passengers with safety gear, or keeping the boat in an unsafe condition could place other travelers at risk for injury.

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys of Ellis Law will work diligently to obtain the compensation you deserve to cover the losses caused by your boating accident. A lawsuit can help you recover the actual costs of the incident, including medical expenses, lost wages, future earnings, and damage to your watercraft. Litigation may also be helpful in allowing victims to obtain compensation for non-quantifiable injuries, including pain and suffering, mental anguish or stress.

Recent boating accidents in LA make headlines

Boating accidents can occur anywhere, and under virtually any set of circumstances. Earlier this month, at least two boaters were killed under suspicious circumstances following another concerned boater’s alert to authorities. The incident occurred in early July of this year at Pyramid Lake in Castaic, and authorities were made aware of the bow of a boat sticking haphazardly out of the water. Upon further inspection, two bodies were uncovered – launching a full investigation into the cause of the disaster.

In another incident near Santa Catalina Island this Summer, four boaters were injured after their fishing boat collided with rocks in the early hours of the morning. Several boaters were also injured earlier this year when their power boat collided at full speed with the isthmus near Two Harbors on Catalina Island. While the cause of these crashes is yet unknown, the resulting injuries are not unlike those suffered by boaters across the Southern California coastline.

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