Car Plows Into Anaheim Homeowners' Front Yard

Car Plows Into Anaheim Homeowners’ Front Yard

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February 21, 2020

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An apparent two-car collision on February 6 caused one car to end up on an Anaheim home’s doorstep after breaking through an ornamental brick wall in the front yard. The other car landed on the sidewalk. One person was shown being transported to the hospital in news footage. The other driver was uninjured.

Police believe that a minimum of two cars crashed at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Rome Avenue at around 10:45 p.m. The home’s residents were home and watching television when they heard a loud crash. The residents were unharmed.

Both vehicles sustained noticeable damage.

Anaheim police are still investigating the causes of the crash. No arrests were made.

Car Accidents and Property Damage

What happens in accidents of this type, where a party who was not directly involved in the crash suffers losses? Well, a property owner or other affected person can bring a lawsuit for property damage against the at-fault party.

The at-fault party is considered “negligent” if they were not operating the vehicle with the ordinary standard of care a prudent person would have used. If they are negligent, they can be liable for both property damage and personal injury caused by the car accident.

Homeowners who were effectively innocent bystanders should not have to pay out of their own pocket to repair damage to their home and yard. The at-fault party’s car insurance should pay, in a third-party claim.

If necessary, an attorney can help you negotiate with the insurance company so that your damages are paid by the at-fault party. If necessary, a personal injury lawsuit can also be brought against an at-fault party and an insurance company.

What Do I Need to Bring a Claim?

If you are in an accident that injures someone, kills someone, or causes $1,000 or more in property damage, California law requires that you report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days.

The accident report provides important evidence of how the accident happened. In this case, and in many cases, the police filed a report. The police report also provides important evidence about the cause of accidents.

Let a Southern California Car Accident Attorney Help

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