Car Crashes High on List of Causes of Premature Death in Los Angeles

Car Crashes High on List of Causes of Premature Death in Los Angeles

4 killed in big rig collision Desert Center

January 10, 2020

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Disturbing statistics have recently been issued from several governmental agencies that highlight just how many fatalities are occurring in Los Angeles as a result of car accidents.

First, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued a report in December 2019 indicating that car crashes stood at #4 in the causes of premature death in the county. Only homicides, strokes, and lung cancer cause more early deaths.

Traffic Deaths in 2019 Likely to Equal 2018 Levels

Second, the Los Angeles Police Department reported that 236 people were killed in collisions between January 1, 2019 and December 14, 2019. In fact, Curbed interviewed an LAPD captain who indicated that crashes in the last two weeks of the year will very likely push the total number of 2019 fatalities from vehicle accidents to more than the 240 fatalities of 2018.

The city has a program designed to stop all automotive crash deaths by 2025, now just 5 short years away. Unfortunately, these statistics indicate that the campaign, Vision Zero, is highly unlikely to meet its goal.

In fact, Vision Zero, which has been in effect for four years, is notably ineffective, as crash deaths have actually risen substantially, by 30%.

Observers note that similar traffic safety programs, in both New York and San Francisco, have reduced traffic deaths, although not reduced them to 0.

Other cities are more dangerous than Los Angeles, however. Southwestern cities like Albuquerque and Phoenix both have car collision death rates more than 100% above Los Angeles’. But neither of those cities has a campaign like Vision Zero in place.

Part of the issue may be that pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable amidst LA’s car-centric traffic patterns. Although city government has prioritized making hot spots known to be prone to accidents safer, it appears that bicyclists and pedestrians are still in more danger than motorists, as they made up over 60% of traffic deaths in 2019 despite making up only 1% of those in reported crashes.

We all need to focus more on traffic safety for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and all other users of Los Angeles roadways.

How a Southern California Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Obtain Justice

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