Car Crashes into California Boy’s Bedroom

Car Crashes into California Boy’s Bedroom

May 12, 2016

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A four-year-old boy is recovering from minor injuries after a car crashed into his bedroom at his California home. The accident occurred while the boy was sleeping in his bed, pinning the boy’s leg underneath the vehicle. It took numerous adults to release the boy’s leg and free him from the wreckage.

The accident occurred in unincorporated South Whittier, where the child lived with his father, grandfather and other family members. According to the California Highway Patrol, a red Nissan 350Z was driving northbound on Marquardt Avenue at excessive speeds when it crashed through a wall of the home. The driver of the vehicle and a passenger fled the scene on foot and police continue to search for them at this time.

The young boy was conscious and crying when his grandfather and father found him pinned underneath the vehicle. With the help of a police officer at the scene and another adult in the house, they were able to release the boy’s leg from underneath the car. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries and was released a short time later.

Nine people that were living in the house at the time of the crash have now been displaced while they await the repairs to their home. However, the grandfather told the Whittier Daily News that while they could repair the house, their primary concern was for the child inside the room. Fortunately, it appears the cuts and bruises he suffered from the impact of the vehicle are relatively minor and should heal up without excessive medical treatment.

Car-in-building crashes surprisingly common

While a car crashing into a building appears to be an extreme type of motor vehicle accident, it occurs more often than most people would expect. According to Risk Management Magazine, vehicles crash into commercial buildings as many as 60 times a day in the U.S. The Miami Herald reported in 2014 that 10 serious injuries occur as a result of car-in-building crashes every day as well.

While commercial buildings see the bulk of these types of accidents, it is not unusual for vehicles to crash into residential buildings as well. There does not appear to be any sort of pattern to these crashes. Drivers tend to be all ages and the reasons behind the accidents are varied as well. In some cases, it might be a matter of “pedal confusion,” mistaking the brake pedal for the gas. Others may be attributed to driving drunk or fleeing the police.

Distracted driving, a growing problem across the board in the U.S., may also be contributing to the high number of car-in-building crashes. Distractions are anything that take your eyes or mind off the road or your hands off the wheel. The introduction of mobile devices and texting while driving have contributed to a large percentage of vehicle accidents today.

The family in this particular crash were very fortunate that there were no serious injuries as a result of the crash. However, the damage to their home was extensive. In other cases, the residents of the home are not so lucky and may face severe injuries as a result of the crash. Who is responsible for the medical bills, lost wages and property damage associated with these catastrophic accidents?

Legal help for accident victims

At Ellis Law, we help car accident victims pursue compensation they might be entitled to for injuries or property damage that occurred through no fault of their own. In order to hold the driver responsible for the consequences of the crash, the victim must be able to show the driver was at fault and that their error led to the crash. An accomplished personal injury attorney is usually needed to help accident victims navigate the complex legal road to hold the responsible parties liable for the damage caused.

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