Violent Crash Rips BMW in Two, Kills Both Occupants

Violent Crash Rips BMW in Two, Kills Both Occupants

November 17, 2016

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Two young people lost their lives suddenly when their BMW was involved in a violent crash in the West Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles on Sunday, November 13. The crash occurred at around 6:30 p.m. in the 23700 block of Vanowen Street. According to the police investigators, the 2001 BMW 5-Series was using excessive speed when it struck a Toyota Camry being driven by an unidentified female with no passengers.

The driver and sole passenger in the BMW were killed; the driver of the Camry was treated for unspecified, minor injuries and discharged.

Multiple factors at play in crash

The BMW struck the Camry when the latter car attempted to make a left-hand turn on Platt Avenue. Consequently, the BMW ripped through a traffic signal, pulled down electric wires, and severely damaged a fire hydrant. The BMW was torn in half as the fire hydrant sent a jet of water gushing upward. Because of the downed power lines, the water was electrically charged.

First responders had to wait for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to shut off the electricity to the area before they could access the crash site. As soon as the responders were able to reach the BMW, they found both individuals already dead inside the car. Neither has been unidentified, but investigators did say that they both appeared to be in their teens.

“We did not observe any skid marks, pre-impact skid marks, before the impact was done. Everything that we see is post impact. It’s again a very violent collision where the BMW was cut in half,” said Detective Bill Bustos.

Currently, it isn’t thought that the BMW had been street racing.

A look at liability issues

Any car accident case could benefit from review by a personal injury lawyer; however, crashes such as these can be particularly complex. In some cases, the surviving family members of the decedents might choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of lawsuit might be filed against the manufacturer of defective auto parts or the agency responsible for constructing and maintaining a dangerous roadway. The surviving driver of the Toyota Camry also has options for legal recourse. A lawyer could negotiate a settlement from the insurance carrier or perhaps file a lawsuit against the estate of the deceased driver.

In any car accident case, proving liability requires gathering evidence that points to fault for the crash. Police reports, traffic cameras, eyewitness statements, and photos of the crash site can all be invaluable in obtaining a just settlement or jury award for the victim.

What to do after an auto accident

It’s important to take action right away after a crash, since deadlines apply to filing a claim. The personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law invite accident victims or their surviving family members to arrange a complimentary consultation. During your one-on-one consult, we’ll thoroughly review your case, explain your legal rights and options, and answer any questions you may have.

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