Car Accident Victims Airlifted to Hospital in Azusa, Los Angeles

Car Accident Victims Airlifted to Hospital in Azusa, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

May 4, 2020

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Azusa, California – Monday afternoon, two cars were involved in a head collision on East Fork Road near SR-29 Highway, leading to an emergency helicopter hospital transfer.

The two cars, a white Mitsubishi 3000GT and a black Chevrolet Colorado contained a total of five passengers in need of medical care. The firefighter-paramedics on the scene determined that the injuries of the three of the five patients were severe enough to require immediate medical transportation.

A rescue helicopter was called to the scene, and the three patients were flown to a nearby hospital. The remaining two patients with minor injuries were transported to the hospital by ground ambulances.

The crash and the investigation and clean up that followed left the two-lane road closed in both directions, halting traffic and keeping citybound motorists stranded.

The cause and circumstance of the crash are still under investigation.

The growing problem with LA car accidents

More than 16,690 car accidents occurred in Los Angeles last year, and authorities have already reported more than 13,000 car accidents year-to-date for 2020. In recent years, accidents are also becoming more severe, with a rise in serious injuries and fatalities related to accidents. Since 2015, car accidents resulting in death has increased by 32 percent (including those involving bicyclists and pedestrians). These incidents follow drastic efforts implemented by local authorities over the last five years.

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