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Canoga Park Wrongful Death Lawyers

Canoga Park Wrongful Death Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful Wrongful Death lawyers in Los Angeles California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who have a wrongful death case.

Whether you originally moved to Canoga Park in order to work in the aerospace industry or have deep ancestral roots in this area, we all enjoy how scenic it is here. However, tragedies can happen anywhere, including here in Canoga Park. if you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know that it creates a void in your life that never fully heals, no matter what the cause of death was. Our Canoga Park wrongful death injury lawyers at Ellis Injury Law know that when a loved one tragically dies due to another party’s negligence, it can cause an even deeper and longer-lasting level of pain for the surviving loved ones.  

This is when Ellis Injury Law steps in to help your family 

The personal injury lawyers at Ellis Injury Law have been there for Southern Californians during these painful experiences for over two decades. When you and your loved ones are grieving, you need a Canoga Park wrongful death attorney on your side that you can trust to help ease your stress and help you and your family achieve some measure of justice on behalf of your departed loved one. We recovered over $350 Million on behalf of our clients, and work tenaciously to get you the outcome you deserve. 

Possible causes of a wrongful death claim 

There are a number of tragic situations that can give rise to a wrongful death claim, including the following:  

  • Car, bus, motorcycle, and truck accidents 
  • Medical malpractice  
  • Workplace deaths 
  • Deaths occurring during sporting events or concerts  
  • Airplane accidents 
  • Attacks by an animal  
  • Product liability 
  • Abuse 
  • Neglect 
  • Train accidents 

Make sure you avoid making this mistake  

In the aftermath of such a tragedy, it is imperative that you and your family take the appropriate steps in order to preserve all legal rights and maximize your compensation for the other party’s wrongful act. Be prepared to hear from an insurance company that works with the opposing party shortly after the accident. No matter what the representative from the insurance company says, you do not have to negotiate any sort of settlement with them. In fact, attempting to do so without first consulting a qualified and experienced wrongful death lawyer could easily cost you and your family millions. Instead of communicating directly with the insurance company, the best thing you can do is to hand the reins over to a personal injury attorney and have them take on the insurance company on your behalf.  

Our attorneys at Ellis Injury Law have the track record, experience, resources and contacts to ensure that you meet all legal deadlines and put your best foot forward in bringing the wrongful party to justice.  

We don’t get paid unless you get paid  

Our phone lines are always open, and we offer completely free initial consultations. Best of all, we don’t get paid unless you win, so you can work with us with no risk. If you believe a loved one has died due to the wrongful act or neglect of another person, call Ellis Injury Law today for your free consultation.