California Traffic Deaths Spike 5% in 2016

California Traffic Deaths Spike 5% in 2016

California traffic deaths increase in 2016

January 23, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation


Measured for the first nine months of the year, an estimated 27,875 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the US as of September 2016.  This is an overall increase of approximately 8% as compared to 2015 figures.  Figures were released on Friday by the National Highway Traffic Administration.   California (a part of Region 9 including Arizona and Hawaii) rose by 5%.  These results are particularly disturbing as these increases are occurring while at the same time automakers are equipping vehicles with advanced safety technology.  The numbers also do not correlate with vehicle miles traveled.

Previously, 2015 was considered a record breaker.  Traffic deaths increased by a 7.2% margin over 2014 – the greatest percentage in the last 50 years.  To date, the agency has not been able to determine the reasoning for the increase in these figures.  And no specifics have been uncovered to explain why some areas in the US have increased more than others.  Some experts have reasoned that this may partially be a result of an improved economy in conjunction with lower gas prices.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a call for any person or organization who might have any information or studies to share, or to use existing fatality data for additional studies to assist in investigation of underlying causes.

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