California Chocolate Company Recalls Valentine’s Caramel Hearts

California Chocolate Company Recalls Valentine’s Caramel Hearts

Marich confectionery valentine recall

January 30, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation


Marich Confectionery, a Hollister based company, announced a voluntary recall of its Valentine Chocolate Caramel Hearts as they may contain almonds.  The lot being recalled is 0031711.  These are packaged in a bright pink and red box, and has a best by date of 9/30/17.  No illnesses have been reported.

The recall was announced after it was discovered that the packaging did not indicate the presence of almonds.  Later it was determined that the error occurred due to a brief breakdown in the packaging process which resulted in a product mix up.  The product may contain Triple Chocolate Toffee, which contains almonds.  People who have allergies or sensitivity to almonds are strongly cautioned not to consume the product.  The Chocolate Caramel Hearts were distributed in retail outlets in California, Minnesota and Oklahoma.  Customers are urged to return their purchase to Marich Confectionery for a full refund.  For further information, the company can be reached at 1-800-624-7055.

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