Best Apps for Brain Injury Recovery

Best Apps for Brain Injury Recovery

September 1, 2017

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Brain Injury

Moderate to severe brain trauma changes a family in many unexpected ways. Patients can display behavioral changes, personality differences, cognitive impairment, and many other issues that inhibit their self-care abilities and overall independence.

A traumatic brain injury lawyer can provide insight and legal counsel to families and individuals that are affected by this circumstance.

While patients receive their treatment, there are also additional resources available that can help during the recovery process. Although, technology can’t replace the medical and therapy services provided by healthcare professionals, there are apps available that can help rehabilitate the injured. Some of them may help the patient improve functional skills, while others are supportive in nature—intended to make everyday life a little bit easier for families living with this complex disability.

5 Apps to Help with Brain Injury Rehab

ColorDoKu – Color Sudoku

Some brain injury patients have difficulty with memory and basic skills like color matching. For these patients, a modified version of Sudoku can be good exercise for the brain. ColorDoKu is based on the number matching game, but it features colors. This free app has a 9 X 9 grid. The goal is to fill in the squares so that each of the 3 X 3 sub-grids, rows, and columns all have different colors.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a useful app for patients who have trouble with written communication, but do well with spoken communication. It’s the app version of the much-acclaimed voice recognition software by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This advanced software is capable of learning and adapting to each user’s speech patterns, which means it becomes more accurate with continued use. With the app, users can dictate notes to themselves to compensate for memory problems. The app also dictates text messages, emails, and social media updates.


Emotional and behavioral issues are problematic for some families affected by traumatic brain injuries. Breathe2Relax is a free app that helps users learn about the many ways in which stress affects the body. Users are guided through stress management techniques, including diaphragmatic breathing. The app intends to help users gain better anger control, mood stabilization, and anxiety management. It may be used in collaboration with a mental health counselor.


You may have heard of the Luminosity website, which brands itself as a brain training program for people who wish to develop better mental acuity. Now, the website is available as an app to help patients improve their cognitive abilities. The app provides daily brain workouts that stimulate five core cognitive skills. It also provides detailed reports of the results, letting users know which areas they should focus on improving.


This app is currently only available for the iPad. It can help brain injury patients regain the ability to count change, which promotes independent living. It’s a visual learning tool that guides users in moving change around the screen to solve basic addition tasks. Users will get helpful information on ways of counting change that use the least amount of coins.

Monetary compensation for brain injury patients

Ellis Law provides effective legal advocacy services for patients with brain injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one were in an accident and sustained serious brain trauma, call our law firm at 310-641-3335 to request a complimentary, zero-pressure case review with a Los Angeles brain injury attorney today.

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